When asked about snow days plans, this woman responded in a bizarre way—her answer has gone viral

January 24, 2018 5:10 pm Last Updated: January 24, 2018 5:10 pm

When it comes to impending snow there are three types of people.

You’ve got the people who remain calm throughout and take advantage of a day indoors, as well as the people who, for some reason, rush to the stores to stock up on bread, milk, and eggs. French toast, anyone?

And then there’s Shirley Nash. In the beginning of January, Nash was interviewed by her local news station in North Carolina and when asked about her plans for the approaching snow she gave an honest reply that has the internet dubbing her the hero we don’t deserve.

Nash planned to spend her day getting “fat and sassy.”

The North Carolina resident appeared in a news report from WCCB featuring residents preparing for a snowy weekend.

The reporter, Courtney Francisco, chatted with locals about their plans. One commented about how all the bread was gone from the stores, while another remarked how her family would be spending their day watching movies and going sledding.

Francisco posed the same question to Nash.

“We’ll probably sit around, cook some soups and eat bread and desserts,” Nash replied. “Just get all fat and sassy!”

Nash responded as if getting “fat and sassy” was something that everyone did.

So what exactly does getting fat and sassy entail?

No one is quite sure, but the internet is ready to adopt the phrase as their mood for 2018.

If getting fat and sassy isn’t your thing there’s plenty of other ways to enjoy a snow day—cozy up with a good book, watch old homes movies, play a board game, binge-watch a show you’ve been meaning to watch, put together a spa day.

The possibilities are endless! You’re only limited to your own imagination.

Of course, if you’re stumped for an idea you can always follow Nash’s advice and stuff your face with delicious soup, bread, and dessert!