Woman buys ice cream for dogs, but made sure ate first—watch the second dog and you will see why

January 26, 2018 10:38 am Last Updated: January 26, 2018 10:38 am

When you’ve owned a pet for a long time, you start to get to know them very well—almost instinctively well. Every personality quirk and behavior pattern, you recognize instantly.

That’s the case for one woman from Clackamas County, Oregon, who is clearly in tune with her two old dogs, Daisy and Cooper.

Most importantly, she knows by now that the dogs, while well behaved, aren’t the best at sharing things.

(Coopers Dogpatch/Screenshot)

In this video recorded in 2014, the woman has just gone through a McDonald’s drive-thru. As a treat for her canine companions, she’s bought an ice cream cone.

But when Cooper, the bigger dog, goes in for a lick, his owner pulls away.

“No, Cooper! Let Daisy have some.”

(Coopers Dogpatch/Screenshot)

Cooper can barely wait his turn as Daisy has the ice cream cone all to herself.

(Coopers Dogpatch/Screenshot)

It seems a little bit cruel to Cooper, to make sure Daisy gets to go first without even giving Cooper a taste.

But then when Cooper gets his turn, we find out the hilarious reason he had to wait:

That’s right: in a hilarious twist, it turns out Cooper is the one who’s bad at sharing … since he, apparently, gobbles up ice cream in one bite without anyone else getting a taste.

It’s clearly something that the dogs’ owner has dealt with before—with perfect timing, she predicts that Cooper will “eat his too fast.”

(Coopers Dogpatch/Screenshot)

Poor Daisy. She had it good while it lasted.

Since the video made its debut, it’s gone viral, racking up over 10 million views on YouTube—it’s even spawned parodies where humans reenact the video.

It’s a hilarious moment that many pet owners can relate to. Let’s just hope Cooper’s inevitable brain freeze wasn’t too bad.