Unexpected guest crashes wedding—but after ceremony, couple spends one week looking for him

October 16, 2017 9:04 am Last Updated: October 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Most wedding crashers have questionable motives—some are bitter exes who want to witness your beautiful day or seek revenge, some are total strangers trying to score free drinks and food, or even steal the couple’s gifts. But one Sao Paolo couple were surprised when their wedding was interrupted by a much more innocent and adorable intruder.

Marília and Matheus Pieroni had planned to be married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony but when a storm came rolling through the day of their wedding, the young couple had to move the ceremony underneath a tent.

What the bride and groom didn’t know was that that was just the beginning of unexpected surprises.

Along with the heavy wind and rainfall, the storm also brought along with it an uninvited, and most unexpected, wedding guest.

Facebook/Felipe Paludetto Fotógrafo

It seemed that the wedding guests weren’t the only ones seeking shelter from the severe weather. The bride and groom were startled when an unexpected guest interrupted their ceremony.

Just as the bridal chorus began to play, guests turned to watch Marília walk down the aisle but were flabbergasted when instead of the beautiful bride, they saw a random stray dog prancing down in her place—almost on cue.

The street dog, who had no owner and no name, had wandered inside the tent to escape the rainfall but was quickly removed by guests. So with order seemingly restored, Marília proceeded down the aisle.

But he didn’t stay out for long.

Facebook/Felipe Paludetto Fotógrafo

Just when it looked like everything was going as planned, until the young couple went ahead to say their vows.

That’s when guests looked ahead in horror at the couple and Marília looked down.

Behind her lying on her veil was the furry wedding crasher who had found his way back inside the ceremony and plopped down on the bride’s veil to take a nap.

“The dog entered and laid down to sleep on my veil,” Marília said.

The muddy-pawed wedding crasher had returned.

Facebook/Felipe Paludetto Fotógrafo

Marília was thrilled with the random pup, and this time, the guests graciously followed the couple’s lead and allowed him to stay for the ceremony.

“It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals,” she said. “I liked it very much.”

As the night wound down though, the couple decided to keep the stray and take him home as one of their own, but he had slipped out of the ceremony unnoticed after the rain had died down and was nowhere to be found.

“We decided to adopt him because he is a street dog,” Marília said. “It took us a long time to find him again, but yesterday, we were contacted and told his whereabouts.”

Facebook/Felipe Paludetto Fotógrafo

The young couple was reunited with their furry friend and named him Snoop.

“He came home, and I showered him,” Marília said. “He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night.”

Snoop is one lucky dog!

Facebook/Marília Matheus