Unemployed for 6 months, man makes last-ditch effort for job—20 minutes later, he wasn’t expecting that

November 11, 2017 3:12 pm Last Updated: November 11, 2017 3:15 pm

Finding a job can can be an excruciating process. Sometimes, job-hunting requires a bit of unorthodox thinking, especially when things are getting desperate. And this is the route that Nathan Campbell took.

A former music festival caterer, Campbell from Ayrshire in Scotland, had struggled to garner any results in months of job searching.

“I had applied for about 14 or 15 jobs but got either no response at all or a negative response,” Campbell told The Sun.

His dream was to become an actor, but it wouldn’t be coming true anytime soon with the lack of responses he was getting.

Getting nothing back from that amount of job applications can discourage anyone. But after months of sitting in his house going through the same cycle, Campbell wasn’t giving up that easily.

Not wanting to be ignored, Campbell went to a highway in Ayrshire, Scotland, with a cardboard sign that said, “Please give me a job.”

(Facebook/Nathan Campbell)

He stood by the side of the road hoping for the best.

Given how busy the highway is, the 22-year-old was hoping that someone would see his sign and even just give him a chance to hand them his resume. He certainly wasn’t expecting to be in talks for a job 20 minutes after he got there.

A man from McTaggart Civils, a construction company, had spotted him on the road. He was a contract manager named John Anderson, and he asked Campbell if he had any experience in that field.

“I told him I’d done a bit of laboring and he said he had admired what I had and he would give me a job,” Campbell told The Sun.

And just like that, by the end of the week, Campbell was told that would start working the following week!

Anderson said that he thought Campbell “showed a lot of ingenuity,” in using that sign to get people’s attention.

Anderson told The Sun that even though Campbell had relevant work experience, he was most of all impressed by “his willingness to work.”

Now, Campbell focuses on working and helping provide for his girlfriend. He told The Sun how he was looking forward to treating her and being able to “do the things we should be able to do together.” Sounds like he’s a great boyfriend along with being a hard worker.

Hopefully, this will keep him busy until his acting career takes off.

Perhaps Campbell would still be jobless had he not had the guts to go near a highway and put himself out there like that. Though when it comes to job hunting, you can never truly do enough.

“Just making that one small move has made a massive difference,” he said.