This paramedic has an important message that comes from experience

July 18, 2017 2:31 pm Last Updated: July 18, 2017 2:31 pm

Hardcorefubu has taken it upon himself to post his own observations and insights into accidents caused by drunk driver’s he’s encountered as an EMT. It’s no secret that drinking and driving is all too common and often result in shattering the lives of so many.

This paramedic speaks from experience…

“All too often people get behind the wheel even though they’ve had too much too much to drink,” he shared after seeing a particularly horrible scene. “Sometimes it turns out fine, but more often, it turns into a nightmare.”

The paramedic shared a post (warning: language and graphic description) just hours after a family was ripped apart.

“I’m hoping one of you will think twice about drinking and driving.”

Included in his current post, was his commentary and a recent encounter.

“For those of you who don’t know, I work as a paramedic in south San Diego,” he wrote. “It’s not like me to share something like this in such a public forum but I’m hoping one of you — will think twice about drinking and driving.”

“…covered in blood holding a child in her lap who had been severed …”

He continued, “A few hours ago I pulled up to the scene of a traffic accident where one car rested on its roof and other into a brick wall. There was a woman sitting on the curb covered in blood holding a child in her lap who had been severed into two pieces.”

“…the man literally threw his 7-year-old daughter into my arms.”

The angry frustration this man felt was palpable. After being on the scene for just minutes, taking it all in. he said, “She repeatedly placed her son’s head on top of his body attempting to make him whole again. Across the intersection was a man frantically running towards me with a lifeless little girl in his arms. As I stepped out of the ambulance the man literally threw his 7-year-old daughter into my arms.”

Paramedics repeatedly injected one drug after another.

Can you even imagine what that might look and feel like even just once, much less being a regular occurrence in your job? The paramedics repeatedly injected one drug after another; through her veins, a tube was placed down her throat, and electricity in the form of rescue paddles were used to try to revive her stopped heart.”

“…t-boned their car by running a red light at 60 mph.”

Drunk and dazed, the driver of the vehicle that t-boned their car by running a red light at 60 mph.

“Both parents and the intoxicated driver walked away while both children now lay to rest,” he wrote. He shared his experience on Instagram and it quickly spread to other social media.

Countless parents commented, urging everyone to heed the dangers of driving drunk and to encourage others not to do so.

“I have a friend who often drives either drunk or buzzed. I’ve repeatedly told him he needs to stop. The next time I’m calling the police,” one user wrote.

“I’ve taken the keys away from people passed out on their cars (in drive, on the road) twice now. I really hope I saved some lives,” one user added.

Others shared stories from the other side, knowing someone who was hurt or died because of a drunk driving accident.

“Before becoming a father, these stories never really ‘bothered’ me. Now, I want to leave work and hug my little girl,” wrote another.

One user who shared the post to imgur added, “I know its a little late to be posting stuff this heavy, but this is a very serious thing that some people aren’t taking seriously enough.”