This modern version of the “song bird” will leave you fully entertained

June 2, 2017 2:25 pm Last Updated: June 2, 2017 2:25 pm

This is a bird that needs the explanation – but what is that explanation?  Sounds! Music! This bird is hands down one of the most interesting creatures around.


The amazing lyre bird not only mimics the calls of other birds but chainsaws, Star Wars Laser Guns, camera shutters, and pretty much anything else that emits a sound, one cannot help but listen and be enthralled with the sounds that this bird is capable of making! They are a smart little creature with a personality to match their intelligence. The hybrid can imitate nearly any sound he hears around him in the forest, though he rarely mimics manmade sounds in the wild.

If you are fascinated with this bird as this author has sudden;y become, I urge you to take a gander at the National Geographic page that also has a feature video and plenty of information for you to discover. They refer to the lyrebird as a rock star with groupies.” It’s the male bird who makes the noise in his species. And apparently, it works! Not a great strategy for humans, perhaps, but they will definitely show interest – kind of like meeting a person you find to be very peculiar odd.

Once on stage, they don’t seem to mind the camera and the attention, given their “siren song.” Like many birds, his voice h woo the a purpose – woo the ladybirds! Lies? Are you hooked on this talent? I suppose as a bird you wouldn’t be, but remember love has no boundaries!

At 28-inch-long, tail feathers give them the edge (we think) in finding a partner. The lyrebird can mimic more than 20 different bird species in one song. The more complex the song or sound they choose mimic. to copy, the better. For the special ladybirds, he will wow the poultries interested and becomes filled with a passionate desire to give a medley of his repertoire. desired one to impress by performing his completely impressive sound to his potential mate.

When this bird pulled out all of his chops, he then copies a  car alarm. chainsaw, felling trees. and more!


Source: The best songbird ever! by storyful