This is a pencil you will only want to admire, but never use

May 25, 2017 5:02 pm Last Updated: May 25, 2017 5:02 pm

If you were ever under the impression that an artist needs not large pieces to make significant contributions to the world of art, this video might change your mind. What you see being created in this video is no bigger than the tip of a pencil — literally! We didn’t even see a magnifying glass being used to create this tiny sculpture.

The creations come in full view to the naked eye, but to truly appreciate the detail some artists who work in this medium use a macro lens and photograph their work – which reveals an even more amazing attention to detail.

There is a famous miniature artist named Fidai who works in his home country of Russia. He doesn’t sell most of his work there, however, His clients come from around the world, specifically America and some European countries. “Our people love art but there is a big crisis in Russia and (art) is not a prime necessity for them,” Fidai explained, “It is my source of income and I can’t leave them for myself. Perhaps some time, I will collect some pencils to be able to make an exhibition.” Fidai, by the way, appears to have no limits on what subjects he chooses to create. His favorite pencil carvings are busts of Batman and Darth Vader. The Darth Vader sculpture did not come until the seventh try and several broken leads, Fidai said.

Characters from hit television show Breaking Bad peer have been created out of pumpkin seeds, as well!  Van Gogh is one of Fidai’s favorite artists, and he often pays tribute by re-imagining one of the Post-Impressionist painter’s self-portraits on top of a box of stick matches. “Many people want to have in their collections ‘Little Van Gogh,’” Fidai said. “I plan many different experiments in art for future.”

Credit: JukinVideo