Man jokingly shouts into a chamber he found deep in the woods. But what he hears back—it’s crazy

He immediately calls emergency services
February 14, 2018 4:11 pm Last Updated: April 12, 2018 6:29 pm

Many people enjoy going on long walks or hikes in the woods to relax or get some exercise—and they aren’t usually looking for anything in particular. But sometimes we find something very important when we least expect it.

In April 2017, England native Izaak Eglington-Watts was on a walk with his friend Emily Thompson in the Plymbridge Woods.

Posted by Izaak Eglington-watts on Thursday, February 2, 2017

The 19-year-old was enjoying the walk, when the two of them realized they were walking in a different direction than they had originally planned.

The path led them to a building in the middle of the woods, which had a hole in the wall that led to a deep chamber in the ground. Simply out of curiosity, Eglington-Watts decided to go up to it, and shout into it.

“Hello!” he yelled numerous times. All he wanted to do was hear how his voice would echo inside the chamber.

But he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

(SWNS TV/Screenshot)

Eglington-Watts heard a ‘hello’ back from inside the hole.

Eglington-Watts heard a faint response, which shocked and startled him. Not knowing what to do or where it was coming from, he went back to Thompson, who didn’t believe him at first.

Not wanting this mystery to go unsolved, Eglington-Watts went and recorded himself on video attempting to speak to the person who had responded to him.

On video, Eglington-Watts yelled to the person, “Are you ok?” to which the person replied that he needed water.

Eglingon-Watts then ran back to Thompson, worried about the man who seemed like he needed some help. Eventually, emergency services were called, and the man was rescued.

(SWNS TV/Screenshot)

The person’s name was James Thompson, and he was on the brink of death when Eglington-Watts found him.

The man had been missing for a month and had been stuck inside of that hole for more than a week.

“I’m really surprised he survived this long,” Eglington-Watts told Storyful.

The odds that the 19-year-old and his friend would take the wrong path, only to come across this man who was in a horrible situation, were most likely slim to none. But it seems like everything happens for a reason, as James Thompson lived to fight another day, thanks to Eglington-Watts.