Surrogate suddenly has complications with the baby. But scary thing doctors discover has her ‘numb’

"I had not one symptom"
January 23, 2018 2:46 pm Last Updated: January 23, 2018 2:46 pm

Becoming a surrogate parent can be a challenge from beginning to end. For both the surrogate and the hopeful parents, in vitro fertilization is a costly gamble.

But Rebecca Davidson, 26, already had two kids of her own. So when she agreed to carry a baby for her aunt and uncle, and the egg was successfully fertilized, she figured she knew what to expect.

The pregnancy went according to plan until it was in its final lap. Davidson went to her doctor for an ultrasound, and when they discovered the baby had his arm wrapped around his neck, they rushed her into surgery.

Davidson delivered through an emergency cesarean. The healthy 6 lb. 8 oz. baby had no complications after being born, however the same could not be said for Davidson.

Irish surrogate Rebecca Davidson was rushed to the hospital in October 2017 and delivered a healthy baby.

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Doctors took a swab of Davidson’s cervix and noticed something peculiar in the biopsy. Further testing revealed Davidson had a 3.7 cm tumor.

“Deep down I knew but I always had this thought, ‘No, they have got it wrong,'” she said via Mirror.

“Actually hearing the word cancer, you go a bit numb, my husband and I were in a daze and didn’t really speak.”

Davidson had to undergo another surgery which made it impossible for her to have any more children.

“I had not one symptom,” Davidson said, realizing the baby’s premature birth may have inadvertently saved her life.

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Davidson has a 9-year-old boy, and a 2-year-old daughter. She isn’t saddened by the fact that she won’t be able to have any more kids, but rather, is grateful for the baby that likely saved her life.

“Without him it would not have been discovered,” she said. “I had not one symptom and if I had not been a surrogate for my aunt and uncle it would not have been picked up as quickly.”

The Irish mother of two says she never missed a smear test. If it weren’t for the baby being born, the cancer might have spread, making it more difficult to eliminate.

Davidson will still need to undergo chemotherapy, but because they caught the cancer early, doctors are optimistic.


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“It is still contained to my cervix and has not spread to my lymph nodes so they are hoping by the end of treatment it will be completely gone,” she said.

She hopes that her story will make it easier for women under 25 to be able to get a pap test if they feel they need one.

“Keep asking until someone gives you your smear test. It is not necessarily something that comes with symptoms,” she said.

Davidson is keeping her spirits up and will undergo six rounds of chemotherapy. Treatment started earlier this month.

She is running a blog to chronicle everything she is going through. She said the response has been overwhelmingly positive and is making it easier to get through treatment.

Through it all, she is thankful for the baby that probably saved her life. Without him, she would still be in the dark, idly waiting to get another pap test.

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