She took to social media to recover from decade-long drug addiction, now everyone praises her

June 26, 2017 6:36 pm Last Updated: June 26, 2017 6:36 pm


Tiffany Jenkins started a hilarious and heartbreaking blog last October to address her past and help her healing process, because she is a recovering addict. Now, she is inspiring others who might be in the same situation as she was 10 years ago using her writing and funny videos.

The people who seem to be benefiting the most from Jenkins’ blog and Facebook page are other addicts, who are inspired by her story and are learning to be strong and laugh with her.

“I admire you so much Tiffany,” wrote commenter Bobbi J. “Thank you so much continuing to share your story. Because I do know for a fact that it is possible to recover.”

Jenkins was a drug addict for ten years.

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“I know it was my choice to begin taking the pills,” she writes on her blog. “I know it was ignorant of me to not fully research the consequences of my actions…but once I began, it became virtually, impossible….to stop.”

Jenkins was once captain of the cheerleading squad and voted queen of a Valentine’s Day dance in high school. After she graduated, she managed a restaurant for three years.

She even hid her addiction from her police officer boyfriend for two and a half years. At her lowest point, she needed money to fuel her drug habit.

She set up a robbery at her boyfriend’s house and took his badge, guns, and wallet.

Jenkins was caught. She spent the next four months in jail, where she attempted suicide, but she was saved in time. She finally decided she needed to turn her life around and went to rehab after she was released. Now Jenkins is married with three kids.

On her blog, Jenkins gives advice to teens and others who may be considering taking drugs, explaining that the fun is not worth the pain.

“I pray you will take my advice (which, you may not, because sometimes we have to learn thing the hard way) however if you chose not to, I want you to at least take a break from googling cat videos on Youtube for a second, and spend some time educating yourself about the realities of drug use and addiction,” she writes.

It may just save your life. Sincerely, The girl who learned the hard way.”

Jenkins is now considering writing a book about her life.

“Your experience sounds almost identical to mine except I wasn’t dating a cop, I assaulted one during a blackout. It was the worst year of my life and I did not handle it well,” said commenter Jesyka1vee. “Thanks for sharing your story.”

“Reading what you wrote from your perspective has really helped me…Keep being amazing,” wrote Alicia Digou.

Jenkins also jokes around about her process of learning to be a good mother, and she always responds to questions and answers every message, hoping to help people who may have experiences like hers.

“Don’t be judgemental, be empathetic. Don’t be hateful, be emotionally supportive. Don’t lose hope for them, pray for them, and don’t write them off as a lost cause, because change is always possible,” she wrote.

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