These five heroic pets that saved their owners will make you love your dog or cat even more

June 27, 2017 5:29 pm Last Updated: June 27, 2017 5:29 pm


Are you a cat or a dog person? It’s the question of the century, and pet owners often debate heatedly on which animal is better. Regardless of our opinion, we can all agree that we care deeply for our pets. Our pets care for us too, and are willing to go great lengths to make sure we are safe. Read these five amazing stories of pets helping their owners – and then give your own pet a hug (or belly rub).

1. The cat that chased a bear up a tree.

Black bears can grow up to seven feet, and weigh on average 250 pounds. They’re often the worst case scenario for campers or hikers. However, when a black bear wandered into Donna Dickey’s backyard in her West Milford, New Jersey home, Dickey didn’t have to worry. Her 15-pound tabby cat, Jack, came to her defense … and chased the bear up a tree!

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

2. The dog that saved wedding guests from a suicide bomber.

A wedding party in Maiduguri, Nigeria, was almost devastated by a suicide bomber. However, a courageous guest stepped up just in time, saving the day –  and this guest just so happened to be a dog. The dog jumped on the bomber, a teen girl, thwarting her plan. Unfortunately, the bomb was detonated amid the struggle, killing both the girl and the dog.

Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

3. The cat that saved her family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Annette Shanahan of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, woke up in great pain one night. She didn’t realise that something was seriously wrong until her cat, Gracie, began pounding loudly on the bedroom door. Soon, her husband was awake too, and experiencing similar syndromes. They dialled 911 – it turns out, there was a lethal amount of carbon monoxide in their home. “We were definitely saved by Grace. Saved by Gracie,” Annette said.

4. The dog that warned parents of an abusive babysitter.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan entrusted 22-year-old Alexis Khan to watch their baby boy, Finn. However, their dog, Killian, appeared less than fond of her. Killian often put himself between Finn and the babysitter, as though shielding him from her, and frequently growled at Khan. After months of aggressive behavior towards Khan, the parents finally decided to investigate. They hide an iPhone beneath the sofa to record what happened while they were away. Not only did Khan curse at their baby, she hit and shook him, too. She is now behind bars and Finn is safe – all thanks to the dog.

5. The cat that prevented his suicidal owner from jumping.

A man, a suspected car thief, was threatening to jump as he hung from a three story building. San Francisco police negotiated with him for over three hours, but still couldn’t persuade the man to come down. However, while the officers were unsuccessful, the presence of his cat managed to convince the man to come down to safety. Before he was arrested, the officers allowed him to hold his beloved pet one last time.


Top image credit: Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images