Sailors Aboard a Submarine Spot Something Strange at the Bow—when This Happens, It’s a Sign

June 16, 2018 9:52 am Last Updated: June 16, 2018 9:52 am

This new 2.6 billion dollar submersible war machine was undergoing tests in the ocean when video, captured by a helicopter, caught sight of something amazing.

The submarine was conducting its final sea tests when they filmed the submarine pushing effortlessly through ocean, but it’s what’s riding in front of the bow that’s most surprising.

The helicopter capturing the scene flies by the observation deck, and sailors, adorned in bright gear, can be seen enjoying the view.

The sight is incredible as the 377-foot nuclear-powered behemoth parts the ocean. The display of engineering prowess is staggering.

Attentive watchers, however, will see something even more incredible; dolphins decided to christen the voyage in one way they know how: by bow riding.

Bow riding is when dolphins swim in front of the waves of ships. Many speculate on what the behavior means.

When a dolphin enters the wake of a ship or the waves at the bow they can get a burst of speed that easily sends them flying into the air.

This is exactly what viewers of this video will witness. Watch as the dolphins playfully jump around the submarine.

Many speculate on what the behavior means. Marine biologists suspect the dolphins are simply having a little fun or maybe they are just curious. For sailors, though, they are a sign of good fortune and a welcome sight for a new vessel on the open seas.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters