Texas ambulance crew hits the brakes when they see a 98-year-old woman mowing her lawn

June 30, 2017 3:31 pm Last Updated: October 20, 2017 4:53 pm


Summer has just begun, and already we’re seeing record high temperatures in the Southwest. When the heat reaches triple digits, it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated and stay vigilant of any signs of a heat-related illness. Although anyone can suffer a heat-related illness, children and the elderly are most at risk.

But that’s not the only reason this conscientious ambulance crew in Texas pulled over when they spotted an elderly woman mowing her lawn.

Deannna Covic, Kent Haney, and Matt Linda were in between calls when they were driving through a neighborhood in Waco, Texas. They soon passed 98-year-old Margaret Durham out on her front lawn with a lawn mower. An East Texas Medical Center spokesperson said the ETMC ambulance crew observed Durham in what could have been a dangerous situation.

“She was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself.”

Haney, a paramedic from the ETMC crew, told KWTX that they just had to stop and help her. After all, it’s in their job description to help people, and they have also helped others in between calls in the past. Linda, an EMT on the crew, said that a month prior they stopped to help someone fix a flat tire.

When the crew got out and insisted on finishing Durham’s lawn for her, one of Durham’s neighbors spotted the ambulance and immediately thought the worse.

“I will admit [it] kinda scared me as I went outside back to my Jeep and saw yall stop over there and thankfully it was yall mowing,” Dashlin James wrote in a Facebook post.



James, who has lived near his 98-year-old neighbor for 15 years, says she is very independent. So it’s not surprising that at first Durham was hesitant to accept the help. Despite the initial resistance, she was extremely grateful for the ambulance crew’s kindness and gave them a hug in return.

“She said that we were angels sent from heaven,” said Linda.

But Durham still refused to let them put the push mower away for her!

The ambulance crew told KWTX that now they know where Durham lives they plan on occasionally driving through the neighborhood to check up on her.