One cat owner spent two hours building a door for his cat—it doesn’t go as planned

It's a typically awesome cat-thing -- followed by a typically awesome dog-thing.
October 27, 2017 8:41 pm Last Updated: October 28, 2017 11:50 am

Some moments in life should be accompanied by sound effects, or even music. When something really great happens sound effects can make things even better. Likewise, when we’re sad, somber music can at least give us the impression that someone else out there cares.

But some situations call for something altogether different.

One man decided he was going to do something nice for his outdoor cat by building him a cat-flap. He spent over an hour on it and was very excited to see how his kitty would like it. Yet when the moment finally came, it did not go quite as expected.

We do not have sound effects in our daily lives, but in this case a ‘WOMP-WAO’ would have been way too appropriate.

Brian wanted to make life easier for his cat.

(Philo Cat/Screenshot)

In 2015, cat-owner Brian decided he was going to make life more convenient for his cat. He wanted to give his outdoor cat, Philo, a way to get into the house without him having to open the door for him. So, he set out to build a cat-door for Philo, complete with a hinged flap.

First, Brian had to drill and then saw a square hole into the bottom of the door. Then he needed to fit the inner and outer plastic frames and the all-important flap itself, and screw them together.

It looked good, and, in total, the entire operation took one and a half hours. Brian was, understandably, impressed with his work. He was sure that Philo, his cat, would take to it with ease.

It did not go as planned.

(Philo Cat/Screenshot)

But, you and I both know that is not how this story will end.

Still, Brian was confident. Philo would love this door, and he excitedly brought his furry little friend outside to test it out.

Once outside, Brian enthusiastically urged Philo to try the door. The cat approached it warily, almost as if it knew something was different. He walks toward the new cat-door, and Brian must have felt a surge of anticipation and pride in his handiwork. It was short-lived.

The cat door was a little too low-brow for Philo.

Philo decided that he would be a bit more civilized and simply use the handle to let himself into the house.

Brian, who had spent hours making it for Philo was shocked into silence.

However, there is a bright side to story. After two days Philo did start using the door. It also made a good lookout for the dog.

(Facebook/Philo Cat)