Mother went into labor and her eight-year-old son was the only one there — guess who delivered the baby

January 6, 2018 5:36 pm Last Updated: January 6, 2018 5:36 pm

Most eight-year-old boys keep themselves busy with sports, or cartoons, or playing outside. Not much is expected of them, aside from a few light chores. They are, after all, just kids.

But time and time again, we see kids rise to the challenge, performing incredible acts of courage in times of crisis. Marcus Griffin did something it usually takes years of medical training to do.

In November of 2016, the Griffin family was sitting at home in domestic bliss. But suddenly, mother Jodie Griffin went into intense labor, and the calm, quite household was thrust into a scrambling panic.

The father, David, called an ambulance and ran outside to flag them down when they arrived. Meanwhile, Marcus was left alone inside with his laboring mother.

Jodie Griffin went into labor. While her husband, David, ran outside to flag down the ambulance, eight-year-old Marcus was left inside alone.

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The birth progressed more quickly than anyone could have anticipated. The entire ordeal was recorded on an audio file in which Marcus speaks with a dispatcher at the police station.

As he’s speaking with her, it’s obvious that the baby is going to be delivered well before the paramedics arrive. While the father is outside waiting for the ambulance, it’s up to Marcus to help make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

“Oh no, I can see a head now,” Marcus says on the recording. “You can see a head now? Oh God. Just make sure the baby doesn’t come out too quickly,” says the operator. “Oh God,” Marcus replies.

The delivery progressed quicker than anyone anticipated, and paramedics couldn’t arrive in time for the delivery. It was up to eight-year-old Marcus to catch his baby sister.

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By the time paramedics arrived, the baby had already been born. “I don’t think it’s really sunk in for him,” David said via Hello Magazine. “Apart from the baby’s feet, he had pretty much delivered her.”

Marcus said he was scared at first, but realized there was nobody else to do it and overcame the feeling of being overwhelmed. When the BBC asked him what was going through his mind, he said “Let’s just get the job done.”

“When it started happening it was really frightening and scary,” he said to the Birmingham Mail. “I just got on with it because I needed to do this and I couldn’t leave her on her own.”

Fortunately, the baby was born without any complications. The healthy 8-pound, 7-ounce baby girl was named Freya, and now she and her big brother will forever share a special bond.

The baby was born before paramedics arrived. There were no complications, and many wonder if Marcus has found his calling.

Boy delivers own sister

Best big brother ever? Meet the eight-year-old boy who delivered his own baby sister ❤

Posted by BBC News on Thursday, November 24, 2016

For all the acknowledgments and praise that Marcus is receiving for what he did, he never wants to do it again. Many seem to think he’s found his calling, but he says that’s not the case.

“People are saying when I grow up I should be a paramedic or a midwife, but I’m going to be an astronomer,” he said. “I want nothing to do with that again, I am not delivering babies.”

Regardless of whatever field Marcus chooses to go into when he is older, he appears to have the aptitude to handle whatever is thrown his way. His parents couldn’t be more proud, grateful, and impressed with their son.

“Just absolutely amazing. I certainly couldn’t have done that when I was eight years old. Absolutely not. No way,” his mother said.