Mother dog carefully buries her dead newborn puppy

May 9, 2017 7:17 pm Last Updated: May 9, 2017 7:17 pm

An owner has captured a heartbreaking, yet touching moment of his mother dog. The Chihuahua cross seemed to have recently given birth to her puppies. Sometimes, newborn puppies don’t have the chance to live and it happened to this poor mother dog.

The video shows a mother dog holding the small body of her dead puppy by her teeth. Mom then heads to a safe, fenced in area filled with dirt. It appears to be in the backyard of the owner.

She then puts her pup aside and starts to dig a hole using her two paws. The mother dog seems to be very solid and strong. You may assume she is devastated, but she was very brave. Her bravery and determination shows us the true meaning of instinct.

Mom digs the grave,  and then she places her dead puppy inside the crater. She uses her head to push the dirt over her pup and fill the crater. Mom is very determined to cover the puppy properly and she takes the necessary time to bury him right.

The grieving mom tidies around the grave and the owner keeps recording her strong behavior. Mom remains strong and clear on what she has to do throughout. It is very impressive and quite moving.

It all takes from here not more than 2 minutes. In this short period, she picks the perfect spot and manages to dig a grave.