Mom with 3 kids wanted to break down & cry. But then old couple say 8 words—she replies ‘really?’

November 10, 2017 12:35 pm Last Updated: November 10, 2017 7:56 pm

Anna Strode is an Australian Instagram blogger that never stops working.

Anna has based her whole Instagram page on not just her husband Rhett, her twin boys, and her newborn baby girl, but her workouts as well. In the midst of being a mother of twins and a wife, she always finds time to both exercise and to show her 110k+ Instagram followers not only her daily life but what she does to stay in shape.

Even when she was pregnant with her third child, Madi, it looks like her big belly didn’t slow down her workouts one bit.

She has a video of her doing squats while in labor!

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Though she may seem like it, Anna is not superwoman. Even she has moments of weakness.

Anna was left to ride solo one day and took all three kids to the store with her. Given the twin boys, Lachie and Sammy, are still young enough for strollers, and with Madi being only 3 months old, it seemed like a task in itself to even just watch them, let alone take them to a store and have them behave.

With Sammy running around, Lachie crying over his spilled drink, and Madi getting restless in the baby carrier, Anna was getting ready to throw in the towel.

“Part of me wanted to laugh,” she said on an Instagram post about that day. “But the other half of me wanted to sit down on the ground and cry while screaming ‘Help me, I’m exhausted and I just can’t MUM today!!!'” Even this woman that is in better shape than most mothers with three kids has her limits.

Then, she heard 8 words that “changed everything.”

"They were the best days of our lives" I heard an old man who looked in his late 80's whisper to his wife while I leaned over and picked up a spilt baby chino off the cafe floor. My initial thoughts when I saw the cup leave Lachies hands and smash onto the floor was "far out, not again!" I was on my own and had Madi strapped to me in the carrier grizzling because she was tired, Lachie crying over his spilt baby chino and Sammy racing behind the cafe counter into the kitchen. Part of me wanted to laugh but the other half of me wanted to sit down on the ground and cry while screaming 'Help me, I'm exhausted and I just can't MUM today!!!' Then I heard it, those 8 words that changed everything… "They were the best days of our lives." I turned and smiled "REALLY?!" And the little old man and lady both nodded at me as mrs old lady said "The best by far" The chaos around me suddenly didn't feel painful or frustrating anymore. I wanted to bottle it up and STOP time because I realised in that moment that one day my babies will be all grown up with their own babies and they won't need me anymore 😭😭 It suddenly dawned on me that one day that will be Rhett and I sitting at a cafe watching young mums and dads with their babies and wishing our babies hadn't grown up so quickly 😭😭 Those 8 words have been on replay in my head since I heard them 2 days ago. It really struck a cord with me. Because you know what – it's SO TRUE! The catnapping, the tantrums, the getting up 100 times a night, the co-sleeping, the messy house, the endless washing, the constant exhaustion. One day we're going to miss all this…! Sure, these days can be hard, they can be testing, they can be down right challenging but I bet you a MILLION bucks, they will be the BEST DAMN DAYS OF OUR LIVES 💕✨💙 #mumlife #momlife #mummyblogger #mommyblogger #motherhood #parenting

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In the midst of her kids’ chaos, while picking up Lachie’s spilled drink, she overheard an old man whisper to his wife, “Those were the best days of our lives,” referring to Anna and her kids.

Not caring if she had been eavesdropping, Anna turned and asked, “Really?” to the couple, to which they responded, “The best by far.” This rejuvenated Anna back into mother mode for the day and inspired her to write an Instagram post about the whole ordeal.

“It suddenly dawned on me that one day that Rhett and I sitting at a cafe watching young mums and dads with their babies and wishing our babies hadn’t grown up so quickly,” Anna said in the post.

That moment, Anna realized this wouldn’t last forever. The sleepless nights and endless loads of laundry would become an empty and silent house, with all three kids in college before she knew it.

She knew she had to cherish the time she had with them now, even if that did mean being tired and stressed a lot of the time.

{📸forever juggling, always loving} Ok so I've got a bit of a bone to pick with the @theheraldsun My dad pointed out an article to me on the weekend written by a well known columnist who wanted to tell the world she 'wouldn't be a mummy blogger for quids.' Sure, that's fair enough! Blogging isn't cut out for everyone and I respect that. What I don't respect however is that the author of the article goes on to say that mummy bloggers 'make others feel inadequate'. Ummmm WHAT?!?! I truly believe that 99.9% of mummy bloggers are actually doing this to HELP other mums! Whether it be to share the ups and downs of motherhood, inspire mums to live a healthy and active lifestyle or share fashion or styling ideas – we open up our lives honestly in a bid to help other mums not feel so alone! The feeling of loneliness and isolation when I first became a mama was one of the reasons I first started blogging. I wanted to connect with other mums because I'd gone from an office full of all my friends to a house with unsettled babies, poo explosion nappies, vomit stained clothes and I felt so incredibly disconnected from the world. I needed something to help me feel like I was part of something. Never did it cross my mind that I would set out to make others 'feel inadequate!!' Let me make this clear – when you see my clean house you guys should know that there's a cupboard bursting at the hinges because I threw all the mess in there. When you see my kids eating vegetables it's because I've probably bribed them with a chocolate biscuit. When you see me looking clean and fresh it's probably because I did a fake tan last night and that stuff makes everyone look good! I'm no perfect mum and I don't think any of us mummy bloggers try and portray that either. If anything I think we're the first to admit when sh*t gets hard because we BLOG about it! I have no issues with people saying that they don't want to be a mummy blogger. No issues at all. But please don't take a stab at us for really no reason at all. Be kind. It's simple ✨@theheraldsun #mummyblogger #mumlife #motherhood

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Given the frequency of her Instagram posts, it’s obvious that she cherishes every day with her family. That specific day, she just needed a little push, and the older couple’s words came just in time.

Hopefully, those words will stick with her until her daughter Madi is old enough to be doing squats in labor like Anna was.

Watch a video about her fitness inspiration below: