Mom rushing sick son to ER when she spots a car on her tail. When they stop—other driver approaches

It was not the police.
February 5, 2018 7:29 pm Last Updated: February 5, 2018 7:29 pm

It was a hard weekend for Brandy Lancaster and her 20-month-old son.

(Facebook / Brandy Lancaster)

On a Saturday at the end of January, Lancaster started the day with her boy’s diagnosis of strep throat and croup. He spent that night at the emergency room after Lancaster had slipped on a floor while her son was in her arms, harming the boy.

Sunday wasn’t any better; besides Lancaster and her son, her daughter and husband spent the day at the doctor’s office, as they had all been sick.

On Monday, it only got worse.

The boy wouldn’t stop throwing up, so Lancaster had no choice but to take him to the ER again.

The puking was as bad as it had ever been, and Lancaster took this as seriously as any mother would. She then hit the Georgia 400 towards the nearest hospital, reaching speeds of 90 to 100 MPH, with her hazards on to alert other drivers of her dilemma.

Even while being vomited on while driving, and still sick from the day before, she was determined to save her baby.

But in the rear-view mirror, something got her attention.

She noticed that a car was on her tail.

(Pexels /Markus Spiske

It wasn’t a cop, but the person was still doing their best to keep up with Lancaster. The mother didn’t know what to think of it, and kept going until she got to the hospital.

She saw why she was being followed once she pulled into the ER parking lot.

The person behind her was actually a nurse — she knew someone was in danger in the car in front of her.

The nurse checked on Lancaster’s son, who was unresponsive at that point, and took him into the hospital and got him the proper treatment he needed in an instant.

While Lancaster said herself that she was a wreck during the ordeal, the nurse came in and made sure the boy would be fine. Lancaster’s son was saved, and is now doing much better, thanks to the mystery person, who went off before the anxious mom got her name.

When she got the chance, Lancaster not only made a post to Facebook praising the nurse, but wrote a description of what she looked like, and asked anyone who saw the post to keep a lookout for this woman.

To the nurse that did NOT have to…You didn’t know why there was a car speeding between 90-100 MPH down GA400 around…

Posted by Brandy Lancaster on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

“You acted on your instinct when you definitely did NOT have to & for that myself and my entire family is FOREVER grateful!” Lancaster said.

The post led to the woman being found soon after — her name is Jenny Rivers.

(Facebook / Jenny Rivers)

Rivers has kids of her own, so she knows what it is like to worry for her children. And she couldn’t have been happier to see that Lancaster and her boy were doing just fine.

“I’m excited to see you both in a better state of health!!!” Rivers commented on Lancaster’s post, according to Liftable.

To be a medical professional, you have to know when to go with your gut. That’s exactly what Rivers did on that Monday.

Wherever Rivers was initially going, she dropped that to make sure that this person speeding in front of her was fine. And what she ended up doing helped save Lancaster’s baby boy.