Mom of three daughters desperately wanted a son. But 3 years later—the unfathomable happens

"It was a sad Friday for labor"
January 13, 2018 11:42 am Last Updated: January 13, 2018 11:45 am

One might think Shalonda Dominique, a mother from Virginia, would already have her hands full with three young girls.

But she wasn’t done there. She wanted to make the family even bigger.

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“After my three girls, I said, “I have to have a boy,” she told Fox 5.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to switch it up for the next time around, and this is what Dominique planned on doing.

Before long, the mother found out that she was pregnant again, this time with a boy.

The boy, Tre, was born on March 13, 2013.

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The couple at last had themselves a boy, but a few months later lightning struck again — she was pregnant with another boy! It looked like her prayers had been answered, and then some.

The thing is, the circumstances around this birth were astonishing.

The second boy, Santana, was born on March 13, 2014 — exactly a year after his older brother.

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Dominique didn’t think too much of the coincidence, and figured they would just share a birthday going forward.

Months later, she found out she was pregnant once again, with another boy!

And this time, she was wondering if the third time would be the charm.

“The whole pregnancy, I kept saying, ‘Watch this baby come out on the 13th,'” she said.

This was obviously meant to be a joke, because what were the odds of this actually happening?

Well, it did happen.

Harlem, her third boy, was born on Friday the 13th — March 13, 2015, that is.

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Dominique couldn’t believe it. None of the previous three children had been induced either; this happened to be the most painful labor she’s been through.

“It was a sad Friday for labor,” she said.

But still, all three boys had come naturally, on the same day, three years in a row. This also meant that big brother Tre has had the pleasure of celebrating his first two birthdays in the hospital, waiting for a brother to arrive.

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When asked about the next March 13, she said that there were no plans for another child.

“We’re gonna celebrate — no more babies.”

Dominique did get her wish, though she didn’t expect for her three boys to share the same birthday. At least now, the number of boys in the family matches the number of girls.

She most likely won’t have a problem remembering her boys’ birthdays, as March 13 is probably engraved in her head at this point.