Mom & daughter are asleep when a suspicious man rings doorbell. But who answers—he immediately runs

The police were called
May 24, 2018 6:56 pm Last Updated: May 24, 2018 6:56 pm

Most homeowners are afraid of break-ins and take great precautions to prevent them. Even a petty burglary can escalate into something dangerous, and it’s especially concerning when you have a young child in the house.

But one family’s run-in with a suspicious stranger shows the big impact a simple security system can make—and how it all could’ve gone a lot differently.

On May 2, in Sydney, Australia, a mother named Jrisi Jusakos and her 2-year-old daughter were sleeping inside. Her husband, Tristian Baker, was miles away at work.

Little did she realize, a mysterious man was approaching her door.

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He went up and rang the doorbell …

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But then, the stranger got an answer from a voice he wasn’t expecting:

It was Baker, answering the door from work.

Just days before, the couple had installed a Ring video doorbell—a popular tech product that’s sort of a combination doorbell and security camera. The camera picks up anyone who rings or even approaches the bell, and the footage can be picked up anywhere via an online app.

It also gives you the option of using it as an intercom, so Baker was able to talk to the mysterious visitor. He didn’t initially think it was anything suspicious.

“I got the ring, I went oh it must be a courier I say, and said you know… are you leaving a package? Just leave it at the door, thank you,” Baker told 9NEWS. “And I just heard a muffle.”

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The visitor quickly fled from the home.

Upon hearing the homeowner’s voice, he seemed to get nervous, suddenly insisted he “has the wrong home,” and fled the scene.

“He was gone in seconds,” Baker said.

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After rewatching the footage, the couple realized how suspicious the man seemed and contacted the police.

“As soon as the police officers saw the footage they said ‘no this guy was sinister from the moment he walked in,'” Jusakos said.

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And it soon became clear that this wasn’t just an innocent misunderstanding … the man at their door really was up to no good.

He is now in police custody.

While police weren’t able to charge him with anything related to his home visit as he didn’t commit any crimes, he was taken into custody over another issue.

But it goes to show how dangerous things might have been had the man entered the home, considering there was a woman and infant daughter sleeping inside.

“If we didn’t have surveillance, it would have been and gone undetected and who knows…or he would’ve gotten in,” Baker said.

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Luckily, they happened to set up their security system at the right time. Smart doorbells currently have a list price of about $150, but this couple says theirs has already paid for itself.


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