Mom and daughter in the car, when girl spots it—she bolts out of car before mom could speak

January 23, 2018 12:02 pm Last Updated: January 23, 2018 12:02 pm

Patriotism is simply defined as love for one’s country. Ashley Reardon is only 13 years old, but she does have a passion for this country, and she’ll do what it takes to defend it.

In Melrose, Massachusetts, Reardon and her mother were on their way to school earlier this month, to pick up the girl’s brother.

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While driving, something in the distance caught the teenager’s eye. It was a tree, as bare as it could be.

And she noticed that something was wedged in it.

An American flag was stuck in the branches of the tree.

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Upon seeing this, something was telling her that she couldn’t let the flag stay in that state.

“Mom, can I please go across the street, and get the flag out of the tree?” she had asked.

Her mother told her she would consider it as they got to the school to pick up her brother. After they picked him up, on the way back, she asked again.

When her mother was leaning towards yes, Reardon bolted out of the car towards the tree.

“She didn’t even finish the sentence, and I was out,” she said.

Reardon wasted no time going to the tree, and ascending it to get to the flag.

The family was able to capture Reardon’s trek, as she didn’t mind the cold nor the snow on the ground when it came to going to the tree.

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The flag wasn’t too high up in the tree, and once she climbed up, she was able to reach it all by herself.

Finally, she got the flag out of the tree.

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Despite her only climbing up a tree once in her entire life, the girl did not hesitate to climb this one.

“It was just one of the those moments where you see something wrong, and you just have to make it right,” Reardon told Fox News.

The flag in the tree meant something to her. It was more than just a piece of fabric; it represented the military, and what they’ve done for this country.

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“There are people out there in the Army and the Navy, risking their lives, every single day,” she said. “I feel like we need to show how thankful we are.”

She knows that those men and women are protecting us while we sleep, and she wanted to do something that showed her appreciation for them.

And according to CBS Boston, the flag was still in good condition after it was brought down.

This act, as random as it may have been, shows just one little girl’s patriotism and the love she has for her country.

She wanted to honor those who died for our country, and what she did with the flag was just one example of doing so.