Man witnessed deer give birth. But when he realized fawn was injured—takes matters into own hands

January 8, 2018 5:27 pm Last Updated: January 8, 2018 5:27 pm

Darius Sasnauskas is a Lithuanian man who now lives near the Yellowstone National Park and loves animals. Already the owner of a cat and dog, he also enjoys observing the local wildlife of his area.

One day he noticed something incredible that had him pulling out his camera to capture a video.  

A deer was giving birth.

(Huffington Post/Youtube Screenshot)

Sasnauskas was watching the incredible moment a deer gave birth to two babies, which quickly got on their wobbly feet, when he realized something was terribly wrong.

One of the fawns had been injured and was struggling to walk.

As the fawn tried to keep up with its mother, it fell and tripped over one of its front feet every time. Sasnauskas was especially moved when he saw the mother appear to make the decision to abandon the newborn and go on with its remaining healthy child.

Sasnauskas decided he had to step in.

(Huffington Post/Youtube Screenshot)

Sasnauskas observed the baby fawn for some time, and after realizing the mother was not going to return, he went outside, picked it up and took it into his home with him.

“With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” Sasnauskas explained in a Bored Panda article.

In the hope of rehabilitating the fawn, the first thing he did was fit its leg with a brace, which he made from an oatmeal box.

Slowly, a deep bond formed between Sasnauskas and the fawn.

(Huffington Post/Youtube Screenshot)

Day by day, the fawn’s leg began to grow stronger. By day five, Sasnauskas took off the brace and found that the critter was walking around normally. It had made a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Sasnauskas knew this meant he’d have to release the fawn back into the wild.

Taking the fawn with him, Sasnauskas began his search looking around the area to see if he could locate the mother or another deer that would be willing to adopt. It took a couple of evenings, but he eventually found a group that were meandering around through a field.

Sasnauskas let the baby fawn roam free in the field, hoping it would return to its own kind.

But it wouldn’t go.

(Huffington Post/Youtube Screenshot)

The bond between Sasnauskas had grown so strong, it followed him everywhere he went. In addition to showing plenty of affection, it seemed to have no interest in leaving.

Until one day—Sasnauskas was out of town, and his friends were watching the young deer. The fawn’s mother appeared, and the fawn happily reunited with its family once again. 

Having gone through so much with the fawn, Sasnauskas fondly recalls their time spent together. However, he’s glad the animal is back in the wild.

“We did see them all through summer,” Sasnauskas went on to explain. “I’m sure she has a better life right now with [her new family] and being in the wild where she belongs. I hope she’s being safe and having a great life.”

Watch the full video of the rescue and release below.