Man wakes up from 12-week coma and meets his newborn son

June 8, 2017 7:09 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2017 7:09 pm

A man woke up from a coma that lasted for 12 weeks to find that his son had since been born.

(Source: Facebook/Jonny Little)

Jonny Little had suffered a serious brain injury during a work-related accident. He had been working on a machine in order to bend steel, when a sheet unexpectedly split and a dislodged piece hit him in the head. Rendered comatose, doctors at one point did not believe he would survive at all.

(Source: Facebook/Jonny Little)

Jonny’s fiancee Arlene had recently left work on maternity leave when he had been rushed to the hospital. Keeping vigil by his bedside, she eventually gave birth to their son months after the accident. Their newborn son was eventually named Jay-J.

When he eventually recovered, Jonny got to meet his own newborn son. However, Jonny had a long road to full recovery. He had to learn how to do many things all over again, including walking, talking, and caring for himself, and he was inspired by his baby boy, who was also learning many of the same things for the first hime—what beautiful timing!

“I needed to get back here because I knew he needed a father,” Jonny told the Mirror. “He was my driving force.”

Since his recovery, Jonny and Arlene have become husband and wife, and now have a daughter named Skye.

(Source: Facebook/Jonny Little)

“In my eyes, my wife is a legend,” he added, “She put up with so much and brought me through the whole thing. We’ve been together 17 years—and she’s been with me every step of the way.”

With the help of three different hospitals and various foundations, Jonny was not only able to recover, he returned to work before his wife did.

“I just pushed and I pushed, and I was back to work by March 6,” he explained, “The Cedar Foundation came in contact with me in January (2011) and I met with them every week to talk about my problems.”

“I hope if there are others in my circumstances that they don’t give up,” Jonny concluded, “I’m proof you can achieve when you believe.”