Lyrics to Apareka by Trio Mandili

May 29, 2017 6:57 pm Last Updated: May 29, 2017 6:57 pm


Trio Mandili is a trio composed of three Georgian girls: Tatia Mgeladze, Shorena Tsiskarauli, and Ani Chincharauli. The girls were shot to fame after filming a spontaneous video of themselves singing a song outdoors. That video got over a million views almost overnight and Trio Mandili became internet celebrities. They have since been invited to television shows, toured all over Europe, and are now releasing their first album.

Many people who don’t know the girls’ language wonder what the lyrics are. Below is a translation of the lyrics to Apareka, Trio Mandili’s second biggest hit. The story has a surprising depth of meaning and sounds like an ancient legend. Maybe this is why people all over the world are loving this music!


“Look at the sky, Apareka.
The moon is aligning with the Bear’s Cross”

“Why are you looking me with your black eyes, girl?
Why do you follow me home?!”

“Tonight I will be your equal.
Let’s talk talk all night.”

“Don’t try to confuse me, girl!
Get away from me! You heard what I said.”

The night sky is covered in blankets of stars.
The moon has aligned already with the Bear’s Cross.

“Where did you go, boy, I can’t see you!
Maybe you waited for me, your lover, after all.”

They passed a sleepless night talking.
Dewy morning came.
Dawn likes a bottle of vodka.
A colorful bottle full of drink.
His lover brought the bottle with drink.
The morning approached noon.
The boy drank his drink with a drinking horn.
Then devilishly he laughed quietly.
The girl presented him food and lowered her had.

“Say something else.”

The drink has blurred his mind a little and his lover is sitting beside him.

“What dirty thoughts came to me,
Let the God be angry with me.”

He got ashamed of himself and lost his color.
And he left slowly in the direction of Bear’s Cross on his way to Khakhmati.