Kidnapper chokes child and throws her off a bridge, but then a miracle happens

September 1, 2017 5:00 pm Last Updated: October 18, 2017 1:13 pm

For people who have not endured such a thing, they cannot imagine what it’s like for parents to lose their child. That initial sense of horror when they first discover their baby is gone would be unimaginable.

Yet, for one Worcester, Massachussetts family on Sunday, that unimaginable fear was nearly all too real—after a family BBQ, they discovered their 7-year-old daughter was missing.

Luckily for them, however, their little girl turned out to be an amazing little fighter. Not only did she survive a horrific kidnapping, but she also managed to help put the alleged criminal behind bars.

It was 2:30 am when one family realized their sleeping 7-year-old had been taken from their home.


On August 27th, one family was winding down a family BBQ when they discovered their 7-year-old daughter, who had been sleeping on a chair, was allegedly kidnapped by a close family friend, 34-year-old Joshua Hubert.

From there, police reported that Hubert drove around Worcester for a few hours before coming to a halt on a bridge overhanging Lake Quinsigamond. Hubert then allegedly tried to strangle the 7-year-old girl before pushing her off the bridge—a fall of around 100 feet. This could have resulted in the girl’s death, and according to the Washington Post, a man indeed had died from that same fall in 2012.

She was thrown off a nearly 100-foot high bridge.


“If she took it the wrong way it could have been bad,” said one local resident in an interview with WCVB.

But the girl was stronger than anyone could ever have anticipated. Not only did she survive the fall, but, bleeding and bruised, she swam to the banks of Lake Quinsigamond where she saw a house with lights on.

She scrambled up the steps and knocked on the door. Shortly after, a woman opened the door and saw the wet and battered 7-year-old. The woman then promptly took the plucky little girl into her home and listened to her story.

“She was incredibly brave,” the woman told WCVB News. “I’ve never seen a child behave so responsibly and so well. She was incredible.”

Together, they phoned the local police department and gave them a description of what had just happened.

She survived and swam to shore. With help, her kidnapper was picked up soon after.


Hubert was picked up later and taken into police custody where is he being held for kidnapping without bail.

“I think it’s pretty miraculous,” one witness told WCVB News.

It must have been absolutely terrifying for the young girl and her family. Yet, she persevered, survived, and hopefully will be able to bring her kidnapper to justice. For now though, we’re all just happy she made it out in one piece.

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