Deathly ill Ugandan boy asks hospital volunteer for just one thing to save his village

June 12, 2017 3:58 pm Last Updated: June 12, 2017 3:58 pm


Several years ago Isabella Innis traveled to Uganda to volunteer at a local hospital. While at the hospital she met many people and heard many personal stories, but one little boy affected her the most. His name was George.

When George came to the hospital, the 12-year-old and his brother were deathly ill with typhoid fever. Both of them had to travel on the back of a boda, a motorcycle, for four hours from their remote village to the hospital in the capital. Unfortunately while at the hospital George’s brother passed away.

Innis met George at the hospital and admitted that his situation didn’t look much better.

Hospital staff and volunteers spent three months helping George recover, and according to Innis the recovery was long because his situation was “severe.” But the boy lived and now has a stomach full of scars to show the disease he survived.

While receiving treatment George connected with Innis. When it was time for George to return to his home village, George and his family asked Innis for one simple thing.

Clean water.

George’s village doesn’t have access to clean water and the lack of clean water is what led to him and his brother contracting typhoid fever.

Innis couldn’t say no, so when she arrived back in the United States, she gathered friends and family and raised enough money to construct a well where George lived.

When the well was complete Innis returned to see the moment the village received clean water.

The entire village was simply ecstatic, they were finally able to have something that so many of us take for granted, and in the future they will be able to live happier and healthier lives.

(H/T: Inspire More)