Football-loving father and son create enormous Lego tribute to their favorite sport

July 2, 2018 3:21 pm Last Updated: July 3, 2018 2:57 pm

Everyone’s a fan of something and we all show our fandom in different ways.

A sports fan might host a tailgate before a big game, an anime fan might go to a convention dressed in full costume, and a Star Wars fan might buy every piece of related merchandise they can get their hands on.

As for David Robinson and his son (also named David), football is their greatest obsession. That’s why they spent hours working on an enormous tribute to their favorite team.

David Robinson and his son showed their love for football with an enormous Lego creation.

(Twitter/Daren Stoltzfus/Screenshot)

Robinson is a University of South Carolina alumnus who currently lives in Charleston. It should then come as no surprise that his favorite college football team is USC’s very own South Carolina Gamecocks.

According to WISTV, Robinson has been a fan of the team for his entire life and has been going to their games since 1981. In March, he decided to to create a tribute to the Gamecocks using one thing he had plenty of lying around the house: Lego.

As a kid, Robinson didn’t own too many Legos. Now that he’s an adult who can buy his own, he spends a fair amount of time building different things. This time, he wanted to create a replica of the Gamecock’s very own Williams-Brice Stadium.

“I’ve always had a fascination with stadiums,” Robinson told WCIV’s Daren Stoltzfus. “I don’t what it is. [I just like] the structure of them.”

Posted by Williams-Brice Stadium on Friday, November 19, 2010

With no manual to work from, he and his 15-year-old son had to recreate the entire stadium from pictures and memories. At times, it could be rather frustrating as many of the pieces he needed weren’t commonly sold in stores.

Some of these pieces weren’t available in the United States at all. Robinson had to order a bunch of them online with some pieces shipping all they way from the United Kingdom and Germany! This became even more frustrating when those pieces didn’t fit together.

“I had no idea what I was in for when I started it,” Robinson said. “There were a lot of times [where] I would get frustrated or order the  piece or the piece wouldn’t fit.”

Still, having his son around helped to ease the process.

“Sometimes it was hard to get him to want to work on it when I did, but I am glad he agreed to [do the project], as he has more patience than I do,” Robinson told WYFFNews4 on Twitter.

“Some of the construction was pretty nerve-wracking, [we were] hoping pieces would fit and not come apart. Without him, frustration might have taken over.”

Working on and off on the project for months, it took several total hours and over 5,000 pieces to finish the stadium. Yet on June 11, Robinson posted to Twitter that he had finally finished it.

The tweet blew up rather quickly. In less than a day, it received over 700 retweets and 3,000 likes. As of June 15, those numbers have increased to 1,200 and 5,900 respectively.

Robinson was blindsided by the amount of support he received, especially what he was told by fans of rival teams.

Robinson told Stoltzfus, “What’s been cool is that clumps of fans: Tennessee fans, Georgia fans, on Twitter have said, ‘We hate Carolina but this is pretty cool'”

I guess that just goes to show that, regardless of who you are, when you put energy and passion into a project, people are bound to recognize that. That is truly a beautiful thing!

(Twitter/David Robinson)