Firefighters deliver a baby in a Burger King parking lot—the next day, they get the same call

September 14, 2017 1:45 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 11:25 am

Rich Yobs and Shannon Covert, two first responder firefighters and EMTs in Denville, New Jersey, are proud of their work. However, they know that the job can be slow at times—exciting calls in their humble community are few and far between.

But that all changed over last weekend, when the emergency workers responded to a call that seemed so bizarre and unlikely, they assumed it had to be a joke.

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It all started Friday night, when the department received a call about a woman going into labor and needing help delivering the baby.

Nothing out-of-the-ordinary for the firefighters, but what was somewhat unusual about the call was her location.

She was in a Burger King parking lot.

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Yobs and Covert left right away, and when they arrived on the scene, they immediately knew why the mother had to make an emergency stop at the strange birthing place: the baby was coming out fast. They were on the way to the hospital when they had to make the emergency stop.

“Contractions came full force, and next thing you know, the water’s breaking and baby’s on its way,” Yobs recalled to CBS 2.

“Within a few minutes, the baby was out. Like, it came fast,” Covert added.

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Thanks to them, the baby boy and the mother were transported safely to the hospital, with the baby in his mother’s arms.

It was a memorable night for the emergency workers.

Little did they know—that was just the beginning.

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The very next day, things got even stranger than anyone could have imagined.

Yobs and his crew received another call—and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“We look at our pagers and go, ‘This is a joke.'”

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Because, it was another call about another emergency baby delivery, in the exact same Burger King parking lot!

“Two nights in a row, the same exact thing,” Yobs told CBS 2.

The firefighters arrived on the scene once again, and it was clear that, no, it wasn’t a joke.

“Sure enough, we get down there and it is,” Yobs added.

“And I mean, that one came even quicker.”

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They even found the woman in the same part of the parking lot as the previous day’s mother.

Luckily, the similarities didn’t end there. Everything once again went smoothly. It was a quick, healthy delivery, with this new mother also giving birth to a baby boy.

By the time they got the family to the hospital, everyone was having a good laugh about the whole unlikely situation.

“One of the nurses actually asked me, she said, ‘Where was he born?'” Covert recalled to CBS 2. “And I said, ‘Burger King,’ and she goes, ‘Let me see the little whopper!”‘

“So that’s probably going to be the kid’s nickname forever!”

(CBS New York/Screenshot)

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