Firefighter finds unresponsive hummingbird—but look at what he feeds it

June 7, 2018 4:37 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2018 4:37 pm

Saving lives is part of what firefighters do every day—only they’re usually human lives.

Dave Schurwan is a veteran life-saver. As a paramedic firefighter in the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District, he’s responded to his fair share of rescues and emergencies.

Recently, Schurwan came across an unusual casualty that needed his assistance.

Missouri paramedic firefighter Dave Schurwan found an unresponsive hummingbird.

On May 15, Schurwan found an unresponsive hummingbird on the floor of the engine bay. His instincts kicked in, and he quickly went to work trying to save the diminutive bird’s life.

At a glance, it appeared he had his work cut out for him. The bird was in bad shape, and was so weak it could barely lift its head.

Schurwan fetched a syringe and filled it with sugar water.

Initially, the bird didn’t have enough energy to drink from the syringe Schurwan had prepared for it. The fireman rubbed some of the sugar water on the hummingbird’s beak until it came back to life.

“When he first arrived at the lifeless bird it was too weak to lift its head up,” Captain Robert Daus, a public information officer, told Fox News.

Soon enough, the bird was alert enough to drink directly from a syringe that appeared to be more than twice its own size. Once it was feeling better, it flew out of Schurwan’s hand and disappeared from sight.

The entire rescue took about 10 minutes, and Schurwan likely saved the beleaguered bird’s life.

“Firefighter Paramedic Schurwan nursed this ruby-throated hummingbird back to health after finding it unresponsive on the engine bay floor,” the fire department happily shared in a Facebook post.

The rescue isn’t the kind that the veteran paramedic firefighter normally performs, but that hasn’t stopped people from praising him in the comments section.

“That’s a hero. Thank you for all you do,” said one who commented on the Facebook post. “Amazing and so sweet. Saving lives no matter person or animal. Way to go MHFD!!!” said another.

It’s this level of consideration that makes those in public service such a integral part of a thriving community.