Composition video shows the life of foster kittens!

June 9, 2017 1:40 pm Last Updated: June 9, 2017 1:40 pm

Many kittens and cats become abandoned by families that no longer want them. We’ve all heard horror stories of families that adopt black cats for Halloween, only to reject them after a while, and that’s not even getting into how hard it is to adopt off cats due to superstitions about them. Fortunately, the Kelly family is one such group that tries to ensure that kittens and the shelters that house them get a helping hand when they need it. Little is known about them, but they’ve released this viral video showcasing many of the kittens they’ve rescued over the years.

Kittens might look tough at first…

But it is all a matter of perspective!

A tuxedo cat is always in style!

Two’s company, three’s a party!

Kittens are basically babies anyway!

There almost like a real baby!

(Source: pixabay)

And cats basically raise the younger kittens, what with the internet these days!

Despite popular belief, kittens also like to hug!

Sometimes, they even hug inanimate objects, like chair legs!

To be fair, human babies are known to have the same habit!

(Source: pixabay)

And with their tails to play with, you’re bound to save a lot of money on toys!