Cat was ready to eat dinner when an ‘imposter’ decides to steal it. The look on her face—hilarious

You won't believe who the thief is!
March 18, 2018 8:47 am Last Updated: March 18, 2018 8:47 am

Documentaries on wildlife and nature might lead us to believe that all animals have an inborn, innate instinct to aggressively protect themselves and their food. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

While it’s fair to assume most hungry cats would try to ward off a fellow critter trying to steal their meal, this cat is a little different.

Princess is a farm cat, and after a long day of hard work she was ready to chow down on some dinner. An opossum had other ideas.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

Just as Princess was ready to dig in, an opossum that frequently hangs around the farm decided it wanted a taste. To someone who doesn’t know the orange kitty, this might look like the beginnings of a fight.

But rather than spring to action, Princess thought getting some two-legged help might be the best way to go.

Princess looked through the glass door with concern. “Help! Do you see what’s happening here?” she appeared to be saying.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

It was an egregious example of identity theft unfolding right in front of the camera. As the opossum imposter continued to power through the pilfered meal, Princess became increasingly worried that the theft wasn’t being taken seriously.

The orange and white cat must have thought her plight hadn’t been heard.

To attract attention, she pressed her face against the glass door, peering in with a look of absolute desperation.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

“Are you seeing what’s happening? Do something!”

Unfortunately, Kitty’s pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. Her mouth slightly ajar, her head tilted, and her eyes wide open, she urged the photographer behind the glass to take action before her food is all gone.

Princess was flabbergasted by the inaction of her owner.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

At this point, it’s shock. Princess has abandoned all hope that assistance would be forthcoming.

If she was going to sleep with a belly full of cat food, she would have to take care of it herself. The days of waiting for a night in shining armor were over!

Princess inched toward her food. “Sure smells good. I don’t mind if we share.”

But the opossum was not having it, and apparently, Princess was not in the mood for confrontation. She quickly backed away from her unwelcome and rather rude guest.

“Or not.” Poor kitty had hoped to have a pleasant meal, not take down an aggressive intruder.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

There would be no dinner tonight. Princess backed away.

She was defeated, and all she could do is watch the kitty-cat-wannabe enjoy the meal that was intended for her.

Princess gave one more pathetic/adorable glance at the person casually snapping photos of the exchange.

Imgur/ MrRogers247

It’s a sad look, but somehow, there’s still a tone in her expression that is begging for someone to fight against the injustice. However, it looks like she’s too much of a princess to do it herself!

Several commenters have expressed concern over the cat’s safety near the opossum. As it turns out, the cat and the opossum know each other well.

“Princess here is a farm cat,” the original poster, MrRogers247 said in one of the comments. “She is a bad ass. These two play together. Princess plays rough, and sends possum fleeing.”

Opossum’s are typically docile. Violent outbursts are unlikely, and they are more likely flee or play dead when faced with confrontation.