California man hears something in his living room—what he finds—‘it was pretty terrifying’

November 30, 2017 3:42 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 7:51 pm

Most people are not too fond of bears, so if asked if they would like them hanging around their yard, they would probably say no. Jenny Mark and her husband don’t usually mind too much. Living in their neighborhood in Monrovia, California, means that bears roam the nearby area and sometimes come into their garden and even use the pool.

They never thought they would actually get inside their house, though.

Jenny’s husband is a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting in October and he was resting up in his home when he heard a noise coming from the sunroom. The couple usually leave the sliding door wedged open a few inches so their cats can get in and out, but it shouldn’t be wide enough for any large animals or people to enter.

However, when Jenny’s husband approached the glass doors that separate the sunroom from the rest of the house, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Two 200-pound bear cubs were eating from the cats’ food bowls while their mom watched on from the patio outside.


He caught the bear invasion on video as he tried to scare them away.

The same cub is seen chowing down on the cat food for the whole video. The other bears stood close to the outside door.

He yells, “Out!” multiple times, trying to get all of them to scram.

“Alright you guys, you got to get out come on,” the husband can be heard saying in the video.


To get rid of them, Jenny’s husband just continued making loud noises, which is a suggested method of getting out of an encounter with a bear.

The bear eventually decided to leave the house on its own and he was able to quickly lock them out. They took a look at the pool, but at that point, it was better than them being inside the house.


Jenny said that they liked having the bears around, but not that close.

“We actually are two very big animal lovers, so we realize this is their backyard and it’s very exciting to see them. I think the whole neighborhood feels that way,” she told KTLA5 News. “Being in the house is a bit of a different story.”

“It was pretty terrifying for my husband,” she told CBS News, as only her husband was present in the house at the time.

Luckily the bears didn’t cause any damage.

But with bears seeming to be a regular visitor to the couple’s backyard, they might be safer leaving the door closed in the future unless they want another bear invasion!