Bystander assumed boys were playing a trick but it was really a Halloween treat

October 28, 2017 4:51 pm Last Updated: October 28, 2017 5:05 pm

Nine-year-old twins Joel and Shea Beck and their pal, 11-year-old Corey More, had recently finished a Halloween candy hunt and had bags of sweets to prove it. They were walking through the Pyramid Shopping Center in Birkenhead, England, when they came across a homeless man sitting outside.

The kids approached the man with their candy in tow. From a distance, it appeared as though the boys were going to hassle the man. Joel and Shea’s mother, Charlene, was there but she did not intervene.

Bystander Fiona Stewart thought that the trio were up to something no good, so she approached the boys, ready to scold them.

“I saw this middle-aged homeless man on the floor asking people for change and saw the three lads going over and thought they might have been bothering him,” Stewart told the Liverpool Echo.

Yet it turned out that this wasn’t the case at all.

The boys were giving candy to the stranger, not asking for it.

“After we did the sweet hunt we went out to the man and saw he was sitting on the floor, so we gave him a lolly pop and because we had loads we gave him some more,” Joel explained. They though that “he must have been hungry and he was lonely.”

When Stewart found out what the boys were really up to, she was pleasantly surprised. She was honestly really impressed by the boys and was sorry that she jumped to the wrong conclusions.

She thought that what they were doing was great, so she asked for the kids’ names. She made a post about the event in the Wallasey Gossip Facebook group and searched for they boys’ parents to tell them what their kids had done.

From left to right: Shea Beck,Corey Moore, and Joel Beck (Liverpool Echo/Screenshot)

The Wallasey Gossip Facebook group is private, but the Liverpool Echo reprinted her post, which read:

“I was working with a client in Birkenhead today and noticed three young boys hovering around a homeless man… I went closer to make sure they weren’t bothering him to find that they were giving him all their Halloween sweets and treats.

“I still feel awful for assuming the worst when they were doing the total opposite. This has warmed my heart massively!

“I told the three lads I thought what they had done was a lovely gesture and there should be more young people with compassion like them, the boys’ names were Corey, and twin brothers Joel and Shea.

“I asked the lads their names because I’d like to get a message to their parents just to let them know the good deeds their kids have done today, the fact they did this on their own without being told to just speaks volumes about these kids characters… and they definitely deserve a late bedtime and extra treats after tea.

“They literally made my heart melt! Well Done Boys!”

Stewart was fortunately able to get in direct contact with the boys’ parents. Joel, Shea, and Corey’s mothers were very proud of their boys for making such a kind and selfless gesture.

“Corey came home and told me what he had done last night—I was so pleased with him. He has always been a kind and caring boy,” his mother, Michaela Donnely, told the Liverpool Echo.

Halloween is usually a holiday full of ghouls and ghosts but, for Joel, Shea, and Corey, the strongest spirit was the spirit of giving.