Bella and George; Adorable best friends brought together for all of the right reasons

August 1, 2017 12:31 pm Last Updated: August 1, 2017 12:31 pm

Bella is 11-years-old, in the fifth grade, and weighs 43 pounds. She is dwarfed considerably by George, her best friend and constant companion who weighs in at 131 pounds. George happens to be Bella’s Great Dane service dog, and the two have a bond that is as tight as they come.

“He acts smaller than he actually is,” Bella told ABC News in an interview.

George and Bella are inseparable.

Bella has George because, at the age of two, she was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome; a rare, incurable genetic disease that attacks the bones.

Life before George was very different for Bella.

Pre-George, Bella needed a wheelchair or crutches to help her get around. Having George is much better. He helps her get from one place to another day and night.

“When I had crutches, I couldn’t walk at all,” said Bella. “But now I can.” But beyond the ‘function’ of George, who was trained by Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA, the duo are clearly BFFs.

Man’s best friend? Bella’s best friend!

The two have become quite the sensation for over 25,000 of their Facebook fans, and her mom posts regular updates to keep everyone informed on how they’re doing.  A recent post on July 30, 2017, read:

“We have been keeping busy this summer! Late nights end up with me falling asleep before I post. Sorry. So Thursday was amazing at training camp! Then Thursday night Bella had a sleep over with our friends Bayleigh and Shelbey. Then Friday I took them swimming at our friends pool. Everyone ended up staying for dinner and relaxing with the parents. Saturday bella was wiped. She relaxed most of the day. She did ride her bike for a few minutes but all the playing caught up to her. Today we had service then our meeting. We rode bikes around for a bit this afternoon and then Bayleigh and Shelbey came back for another sleep over! Everyone is tucked into bed and hopefully falling asleep soon. Because then I can! Thank you for being patient this summer. Love Bella and George”