‘Angry Grandpa’ is anything but angry when his son gifts him the dream of a lifetime – beautiful

August 15, 2017 10:03 am Last Updated: December 11, 2017 4:04 pm


‘Angry Grandpa’ has been a hit on YouTube, with over 3 million subscribers. His real name is Charlie Marvin Green Jr.

Recently, his son, Michael, did something very special that did not make him angry at all. It did, however, bring his dad to tears.

Michael documented via video how he went about finding and giving ‘Angry Grandpa’ the wish of a lifetime.

‘Angry Grandpa’ owned a car just like this at the age of 16; his first car.


Michael took him to a parking lot and pointed out a familiar car he had come by.

The car was a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air from 1955; a precise match to the car that Charlie (a.k.a. ‘Angry Grandpa’) had lost many years ago. It was Charlie’s first car ever and he was 16-years-old when he owned his. But, that prized possession didn’t last long.

She took it and sold it.

His sister and her boyfriend used it to take a trip to California, but it broke down. She ended up selling it without Charlie’s knowledge to a local junkyard. Charlie loved his very first car and says he would have traveled all the way to California to get his broken vehicle back. He never had that chance. He was devastated.

His son planned a dream come true for his dad.


Now, 65 years later, Michael was gifting him a car that was explicitly the same as the one he had.

The Plan


Michael had the reveal all set up. As he and his dad were out running routine errands, they “just happened” to spot a 1955 Chevy in a nearby parking lot. At first, Charlie couldn’t believe it. They stopped to admire the car and reminisce about the 16-year-old Charlie that loved his own first car so much.

“Will you take my picture with it?”

As they start to walk away and go into the store, Charlie asks his son, “Will you take my picture with it?”

Charlie thought to come across his dream car was an incredible coincidence, but Michael, of course, knew better. He was more than happy to take a picture.

An emotional coincidence

The miraculous sighting of his dream car triggered emotional memories from when Charlie had owned that very car at one time.

Michael asks his dad to tell the story that he had heard many, many times before, but this time on camera. Charlie tells the story and when he gets to the part about his sister selling it, Michael puts his hand to his dad’s shoulder asking him, “Are you alright?”

After a short time to compose himself, Charlie continues with the story. “And on the way to California, they broke down,” said Charlie. “And then they sold it to the junkyard.”

For real?


Michael and Charlie went on their way, but when they returned home, there sat the very same car that they had just taken a picture of. Only now, it was in Charlie’s driveway! The tears begin to flood ‘Angry Grandpa’s’ eyes, and he is anything but angry as he quickly realizes what his son has done for him.

“I told you one day I was gonna get you one,” Michael said.

“It’s yours, Dad.”

After his son hands him the keys and says, “It’s yours, Dad,” the only thing left to do after an emotional display of genuine gratitude is to take that baby for a ride.

“Take it for a spin, dude,” says Michael. And he did. Mission accomplished.

Incidentally, this wasn’t the first time Michael had come through with a shocker for his dad. He once gave him his very own house to live in, another dream come true for Charlie. Much respect, Michael. Much respect.


Charlie Green has since passed away, at age 67, after battling skin cancer.

Charlie Green broke the news to Michael that he had cancer earlier this year—and at first his son thought he was pranking him. He wasn’t.

He was hospitalized in July, and passed away on December 10.

“I already miss you more than you’ll ever know,” his son Michael wrote on Twitter. “I’m so sorry that you couldn’t enjoy your fame longer but I’m so happy that the last 10 years of your life had a purpose.”