Cancer Cure? Lotion Draws Out Tumor Without Bleeding (Photos)

'Like surgery without the cutting'
By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
April 2, 2014 5:56 am Last Updated: September 24, 2015 12:28 pm

Linda came across a strange, sweet-smelling black salve said to cure cancer. An acquaintance had obtained it from an elderly woman whose family had placed her in professional care before she could try the substance to treat her cancer.

With a long-time interest in herbal medicine, Linda (last name withheld) gave it a try.

The salve, known as black salve or Indian black salve, only targets unhealthy cells, so it seeps in through the skin and pulls to the surface only the cancerous cells. Linda had pain in her neck, but not a cancerous tumor, so the salve only pulled out what Linda described as a mold-like substance which she believes to be toxins. Her dog, however, did have a cancerous tumor and the salve dissolved the flesh around the tumor over the course of nine days (See photos in carousel above or below the article).

The tumor came out with minimal impact on the dog. The wound barely bled and it healed well in a matter of days.

“The product does dissolve the skin and the tumor or cancer does pop right out,” Linda said. “It gets very, very sensitive to the touch. It is uncomfortable to use, because you just kind of get all run down with it.” 

Instructions that came with the salve describe it as being “like surgery without the cutting,” and warn users not to engage in strenuous activity during the treatment. The instructions state “It is not unusual for large tumors to leave large holes, some exposing views of muscle tissue or bone. However, this too is normal, the hole is in the place of the cancer and the hole will fill in with flesh.”

When the family discovered that their dog, Fritz, had cancer and it would cost a lot of money to treat it, they considered this miracle salve.

Linda’s daughter, Cathy, and two friends sat with the salve in hand looking at Fritz. “We were sitting around wondering if we should do it or not,” recalled Ben Chasteen, Epoch Times staff member and one of the two friends with Cathy.

They knew Linda had used it, but they nonetheless felt nervous applying it to Fritz.

The black salve comes with another jar of a yellow salve, both of which Linda gave to Epoch Times. The black salve smells sweet, like chocolate. It has the texture of a sort of fruit paste—like mashed up figs—with what looks like little seeds in it. The yellow salve is smooth and has a menthol-like smell similar to vaporub.

They applied the black stuff to the dog’s skin where the tumor was. In the following days, a wound opened up around the tumor, without the bleeding one would expect. Fritz was a bit weak and tired, but he didn’t seem to be in a lot of pain. The family had to cover the area well so he couldn’t pick at it or scratch at it.

“It looked like something was opening it up from inside,” Chasteen said. The skin around the rim curled in. The tumor came out, and the wound quickly healed.

After a couple of months of recovery, the patient is supposed to try the salve again and to repeat treatments until the salve no longer has any effect. The first treatment may not get all the cancer, the instructions state. When all the cancer is truly gone, the salve will no longer have the same effect, since it targets only the unhealthy cells.

Fritz was euthanized after all, but it may have been that the one treatment was not enough to get all of the cancer. A video that comes with the treatment shows its use on a woman’s breast, and as with Fritz, the tumor came out after a couple of weeks.

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