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Girl O’ My Dreams (1934)
Girl O’ My Dreams (1934)
A conceited college track star, used to being "big man on campus," gets a jolt when he loses an election to see who is the most popular man in the ...
Traditional Culture
PROGRAMMING ALERT: 2022 NTD International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition
Horror, Heroism, and a Woman Named Heda
What Is the Connection Between Modern Motivation and Age-Old Hope? Part 1
Images of Hope: The Good Shepherd
Utah Shakespeare Festival’s ‘King Lear’: Timely While Honoring History
Theater Review: ‘Epiphany’: A Flicker in the Darkness
Shen Yun’s 1st Post-Pandemic Season to Conclude in Nation’s Capital
Theater Review: ‘Funny Girl,’ a Show Where Joy and Sorrow Go Hand in Hand
Book Review: ‘Tales From the Queen of the Desert’: A Beautifully-Written Travelogue
T.S. Arthur’s Short Story: ‘Dressed for a Party’
Book Review: ‘At the Gates of Rome: The Fall of the Eternal City, AD 410’
Something for Summer Reading: ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ by Anthony Hope
Educated Fish (1937)
The Song of the Birds (1935)
Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Masquerader’ (1914)
Little Lulu: Cad and Caddy
Franz Schubert and the Pathway to Romanticism
A World of Beautiful Sound: Inbal Segev
The Poetic Significance of Franz Liszt’s ‘Liebestraum’
The Power of Sound: The Mozart Effect
Book Recommender: ‘The Gettysburg Cyclorama,’ Discover the Story Behind the Most Iconic Painting of the Civil War Battle
How Government ‘Helped Advance’ One of Greatest Inventions of the 19th Century: The Telegraph
The Untold Story Behind a Costly Mistake that Led to America’s Deadliest Natural Disaster in History
Remembering Samuel Chapman, the Civil War General Who Became an Educator for Freed Slaves