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American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 6
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 5
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 4
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 3
Elizabeth Taylor’s Near-Death Experience in the 1960s
American Police Detective Recalls Past Life as Portrait Painter
The Myth of Er
After Near-Death Experience, Vietnam War Veteran Saw Miracles That Saved Lives
Cupid: Love Through the Ages
Cupid: Love Through the Ages
With his image seen most often during February and June (the Valentines' month and the traditional wedding season), Cupid typically conjures up images of a cherubic infant wielding a bow and ...
Traditional Culture
Paradise Lost?
Treasures From the Past: Our Libraries, Public and Private
Artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Penchant for Motherly Love
Miss NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant Celebrates Ancient Values
Theater Review: ‘New York, New York’: Lots of Heart, but It Tries Too Hard
Music Review: ‘Divine Compassion’
‘When the Divine Touches the Human, We Arrive at Shen Yun,’ Says a Company Director
‘The Tales of Hoffmann’: Offenbach’s Captivating Opera
Which to Choose: Mark Twain’s Children’s Short Story, ‘The Five Boons of Life’
Book Recommendation: ‘Ella Minnow Pea: A Progressively Lipogrammatic Epistolary Fable’
Friendships That Endure: Aesop’s Fable, ‘Two Travelers and a Bear’
Epoch Booklist: Recommended Reading for May 26–June 1
Film Review: ‘The Great Awakening’
Film Review: ‘The Great Awakening’
NR | 1h 56min | Documentary, Technology, Medicine, Social Science | 03 June 2023 (USA) The third and perhaps not the last installment in the “Plandemic” series, “The Great Awakening” from director Mikki Willis goes over ...
Film Review: ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’
Epoch Watchlist: What to Watch for June 2–June 8
A Musical for Any Mood: ‘Rhythm on the River’ From 1940
TV Series Review: ‘Chimerica’: What Happened to ‘Tank Man’?
NTD Classical Chinese Dance Competition
Why Chinese Dance Is Thriving Outside China
Faith Drives Dancer to Show World the Truth About China
Through Classical Chinese Dance, a Grander Vision of the World
Gold Winner Lillian Parker: ‘Art Is Endless’
NTD International Piano Competition
Winners Announced for NTD’s 6th International Piano Competition
2022 NTD International Piano Competition: Future Stars Concert & Award Ceremony
Death and Transfiguration at the NTD International Piano Competition: Finalist Jiusi Zhang
Music and the Possibility of ‘Perfect Beauty’: NTD International Piano Competition Finalist Trinity Goff
NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition
International Chinese Vocal Competition Showcases Traditional Vocal Arts
2022 NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition
NTD International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition
NTD International Figure Painting Competition
Pure Beauty: ‘Yin and Yang’ | NTD International Figure Painting Competition
‘The Evil CCP Will Crumble’: Polish-Born Artist Depicts Children Persecuted in China
Pure Beauty: ‘Between Generations’
Pure Beauty: ‘Plum Blossoms in the Muddy World’
NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant
5,000 Australians Expected in ‘Nutbush’ World Record Attempt to Honour Tina Turner
There Is No Beauty in Bureaucracy
Embracing Everything: The Music of Gustav Mahler
AI Is for Artificial Intelligence, Not Artistic Imitation
Words Were Her Weapon: ‘The Incomparable Hannah More’
James Clerk Maxwell: The Curious Mind of the Father of Modern Physics
Profiles in History: Charles Francis Hall: From Publisher to Arctic Explorer
The American Exploring Expedition That Changed How We See the World