Winners Announced in 10th NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition

Winners Announced in 10th NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition
Winners of NTD's 10th International Classical Chinese Dance Competition Purchase College Performing Arts Center in Purchase, N.Y., on Sept. 10, 2023. (Larry Dye)

From Sept. 7 to Sept. 10, classical Chinese dancers from around the world gathered in New York to compete in the 10th NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition.

The competition is part of a series of events hosted by NTD in support of traditional culture.

A technical showcase was performed by 15 previous gold medal winners of the competition: Allen Liu, Michelle Lian, Nara Oose, Marylin Yang, Stanley Lin, Chad Chen, Evangeline Zhu, Karina Fu, Piotr Huang, Roy Chen, Kenji Kobayashi, Jay Huang, Elsie Shi, Jane Chen, and Sunni Zhou.

After the performance, the awards were announced.

Gold Awards

Junior Female Division: Sophie Shao, Grace Rubacek

Junior Male Division: Adam Parker, Lucas Browde

Adult Female Division: Angela Lin, Bella Fan, Jessica Si, Carol Huang

Adult Male Division: Alex Chiang, Henry Hung, Michael Hu, Jesse Browde

Silver Awards

Junior Female Division: Katherine Parker

Junior Male Division: Eric Lu, Tommy Han, Masayuki Sho, Daniel Liang

Adult Female Division: Lillian Parker, Grace Huang

Adult Male Division: Tony Zhao, David Xiao, Ethan Guo

Bronze Awards

Junior Female Division: Alice Zhu, Vicky Wu, Ellen Hsiao

Junior Male Division: Ryan Zhou

Adult Female Division: Luna Yu, Jenna Chen, Anna Huang

Adult Male Division: Aaron Huynh, Daniel Sun, Felix Sun, Yuanming Chen, Johnny Tsai, Hungwei Sun

Honorable Mentions

Junior Female Division: Zishan Xie, Catrina O'Neill, Dahlia Lin

Junior Male Division: Andrew Liu, Steven Tao

Adult Female Division: Madeline Chen, Laura Li, Jiayuan Yang, Justina Wang, Nancy Xu, Kathy Rui Wu, Claire Jiao

Adult Male Division: Bill Hsiung, Lee Rubacek, Alan Lee, Daniel Zhang