Woman offers to be couple’s surrogate. But a week after birth she sees photo—’I didn’t even know’

"I didn't even know he was mine."
November 7, 2017 2:30 am Last Updated: December 16, 2017 2:15 pm

The human body is a strange beast. Even in this age of medical enlightenment, there are still things that our bodies can do that throw us for a loop.

One woman had signed up to be a surrogate for a family from China in 2016, and while she was undergoing in-vitro-fertilization treatments, doctors found out she was carrying twins. When the babies were born, however, something was all too familiar about one of them—and when the truth was finally revealed, it left everyone shocked.

Jessica Allen was a mother of two boys, and she decided to be a surrogate for other couples.

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In 2016, Jessica Allen, a mother of two young children, had an urge to “pay-it-forward.” There were couples out there who were unable to have children of their own, and touched by their need, Allen decided she would offer herself as a surrogate.

Soon after the decision, two people from China offered to pay her $30,000 to carry their baby. Six weeks into her pregnancy, her doctors reportedly told her that she was carrying twins, and the fee was increased to $35,000.

At 38 weeks, Allen gave birth via-c-section to two healthy boys. The two children were then hurried away to their new parents, without giving Allen much time to see them.

Allen gave birth to the two children, but something was strange.

Nearly a week later, Allen received a text message with a picture of the boys. What she saw made her immediately suspicious.

“The two were obviously not identical twins,” Allen said in an interview with Good Morning America.

In fact, the two children did not look at all alike; one of them had obviously Asian features, but the other child looked oddly familiar.

Allen requested more information about the child from its parents, who had now already returned to China. Eventually, they agreed to a DNA test a month later—and the results were shocking. The second child was not a twin. One of the children was biologically matched with his Chinese parents, but the other was a perfect match for Allen and her husband.

“I carried my own child,” Allen said in an interview with Good Morning America. “I didn’t even know he was mine.”

One baby was hers, but that was when the problems began.

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Stunned by the revelation—Allen felt an immediate sense of panic; her baby was now half a world away, and she had very little way of getting him back.

Worse, the Chinese family even threatened to put the child up for adoption if Allen did not pay nearly $22,000 in damages.

It took almost nine months of negotiations, but eventually, in February of this year, Allen’s new baby, whom she renamed Malachi, was returned to her.

What had happened was a rare and incredible event. When the human body carries a child, generally, it stops being fertile. However, in some rare cases, ovulation sometimes still can occur. This is called superfetation.

It turned out that early in the pregnancy, Allen had conceived with her husband, Wardell Jasper.

The human body really is pretty amazing. And while this story was quite rare, we’re just glad that Allen was able to get her son back and make her family whole.