Hundreds of former students from all around the world reunite to celebrate music teacher

"Just a man who touched so many lives"
July 21, 2018 5:28 pm Last Updated: July 21, 2018 5:28 pm

For 30 years, music teacher Robert Moore was the choir director of the Ponca City Chorale at a high school in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Thanks to him, it was renowned as one of the best choirs in the country.

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But Moore always did more than just direct. He made sure to push his students to do their absolute best, and every one of them knew how passionate he was about it.

Students said he made them work for their grade. They referred to his “discipline” as a big part of his teaching—if you could get a smile out of him, he was proud.

During an interview with CBS News, he smiled when he thought back on it.

“Wouldn’t it be great to get those kids back together?” he asked.

Little did Moore know, a gathering was exactly what was in the works at that moment.

Over the course of a year, Moore’s former students planned a special reunion for the mentor, to show him how much he meant to them.

This event had almost 300 students coming from all over—not just the United States, but foreign countries as well.

And on video, Moore pulled up to the event, and he was taken completely by surprise.

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He conversed with his former students, all heaping praise on the man.

“Just a man who touched so many lives,” one of his students said.

There were even people who credited their success in life solely to Moore.

“Not sure where I’d be without him,” a different student said.

For the “finale,” the students rented out the Poncan Theatre, in order to put on one last performance for their beloved instructor.

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It looked like it was an emotional night for the man.

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The fact they went through all this effort clearly showed how much Moore meant to them. And in his speech to his students, he reciprocated the feelings.

“I loved you then, and I love you now,” he said.

Though he was never known to be the nicest teacher, what he did for the students left a significant impact on them. And it looks like the debt of gratitude has been repaid to Moore.