Dog becomes Internet sensation after she rides the bus without her owner to the dog park

July 19, 2017 12:31 pm Last Updated: December 8, 2017 11:54 am


For many people commuting via public transportation can be a nightmare. If it wasn’t so bad the governor of New York wouldn’t have coined the massive repair project affecting New York Penn Station, the country’s busiest train station, the “summer of hell.”

Luckily commuters in Belltown, Washington, don’t have to deal with delays upon delays, but even if they did at least one passenger would be capable of bringing a smile to the faces of commuters.

(Source: Facebook/Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog)

It all started when Jeff Young and his dog, Eclipse, would ride the bus several times a week from their apartment to the dog park. Every time before the duo got on the bus Young would smoke a cigarette. One time, however, when the bus pulled up and Young hadn’t finished, Eclipse jumped on the bus herself!

Jeff Young and his dog rode the bus so often that he wasn’t too concerned when she jumped on the bus without him.

(Source: Facebook/Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog)

And that was just the beginning.

In January 2015, Eclipse had reportedly been riding the bus solo for a few weeks, but it wasn’t until a local radio host witnessed the dog on the city’s public bus and snapped a selfie with her that the dog’s travels started to go viral.

When Miles Montgomery watched the dog get off the bus at the dog park he couldn’t believe it. It was something that you’d only expect to see in a movie. Except Montgomery wasn’t in a movie and Eclipse really did ride the bus a few stops from her home so she could go to the dog park.

“All the bus drivers know her,” Tiona Rainwater told KOMO News. “She sits here just like a person does.”

(Source: Facebook/Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog)

And that she does. The black Labrador-Bulmastiff mix even has her own bus pass attached to her collar. While on the bus Eclipse will occasionally roam the aisle, but she can usually be found sitting in a seat next to a stranger looking out the window for her stop. That stop, of course, is the dog park.

If Eclipse gets on the bus without Young, he simply gets on the next bus and meets up with her at the dog park.

Surprisingly, the county’s public transportation department doesn’t seem to mind Eclipse riding the bus alone.


According to LittleThings, every now and then Young will receive a call from a concerned bus passenger assuming that Eclipse is lost. He then has to explain that his pooch knows exactly what she’s doing.

If anyone ever doubts him, he can point them to Eclipse’s Facebook page, which has hundreds of photos of the dog riding the bus solo, or to a video produced by the King County Department of Transportation, which features Eclipse.

Passengers agree that seeing a dog ride public transportation by herself is something to smile at.

(Source: Facebook/Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog)

This makes us wonder—would seeing a dog or two regularly riding public transportation help ease the pain in New York?