JDog Helping Veterans Transition Into Civilian Workplace

May 16, 2018 Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Care Force caught up with an old friend, Damon Fogley. Fogley served in the National Guard and was stationed in Iraq.

Now since his return and transition into civilian life Fogley has continued his mission to help other veterans.

“Let talk about your life, what were your challenges?’ asked Fox 7 anchor Mike Warren.

” Serving overseas was a challenge. I was an officer overseas, so managing personnel, managing equipment, large fleets of hop armored vehicles. I always wanted to be a business owner wasn’t really sure what kind of business I wanted to do. I was able to transition as an officer into civilian work sector by finding JDog.” explained Fogley. “It’s a national franchise. It employs veterans, not only as employees but also as entrepreneurs. Who own a business, run a business. ”

“JDog is a junk removal company, ” said Fogley. “A lot of what we do is household junk removal. … We work with contractors to remove construction waste from construction sites. We will take the junk that we get from these jobs, we will repurpose it, diverted from going in to the the land fill,” he continued.

” We will donate some of those items to local charitable organizations, make sure our costumers obtain a tax deductible receipt,” said Fogley.

“JDog specifically hires vets. We’re over 90 percent veteran’s workforce across the country. Ninety percent veteran owned entrepreneurs and also military family members and active duty,” said Fogley.

“Obviously you mean to hire vets that is not by chance?” asked Warren.

” Thats correct, that is a big part of what we do. We want to have an easy transition for those veterans from being in the military to the civilian workplace. A lot of MOS’s can be difficult to transition into the civilian workplace. So we give them an opportunity to be drivers, territory managers, to be supervisor out in the field, and take ownership and pride in what we do and customers really appreciate it,” said Fogley.

“I am looking to expend into the northwest Austin area, so if there are any vets out there looking for work, we’re looking to hire you,” said Fogley.

” We know that hiring veterans there is a high degree of professionalism, respect, integrity and those are the values that we hold ourselves up to,” said Fogley.