Cat Stuck 70 Feet High in Tree for 7 Days—Here’s the Rescue

February 6, 2018 Last Updated: February 6, 2018

Robert Reese from MS Cat Tree Rescue had his work cut out for him when he agreed to save “Kitty” the cat, who had spent seven days on a top branch of a tree in Laurel, Mississippi.

“I had been told that the kitty was ‘way up there’, but despite the warning my eyes bugged out from my skull when I saw where ‘Kitty’ was perched,” he said on his website.

Reese readied his gear and started to climb the sweet gum tree—Kitty was about 70 feet high, he estimated.

“As I went further up the tree I had to be careful in my climbing as I was shaking the treetop, causing Kitty’s limb to sway and I feared that she would fall,” he said. “When I reached her limb, I tried bribing her with dry cat food, but the rattling of the bag did not interest her.”

He then fixed a small cup of wet cat food to a pole and was able to reach about two-thirds of the way to the cat.

“I let the smelly kitty food sit there for a while, with the wind blowing its scent to her,” he said. “After a couple of minutes, Kitty let out a loud meow (the first noise from her since the start of the rescue) and started coming towards the food. Inwardly, I gave thanks for this major miracle. I slowly used the food to lead Kitty all the way back to the trunk.”

He let Kitty feast on the food while he prepared a bag.

“She did not resist when I scruffed her and put her in the bag,” he said. “She yowled a bit on the way down but all were happy that she was safe.”

Kitty was soon running around, pausing for food and drink, and even allowed Reese to pet her.

“I was happy and relieved that the rescue ended with Kitty safely back on the ground,” he said.