Little girl is home with her mom, when she looks at bottom of stairs—it’s horrifying

December 15, 2017 2:08 pm Last Updated: December 16, 2017 12:41 pm

Catherine Bazzard made sure to raise her daughter, Emma, to always be aware about what to do in an emergency situation. She taught her what numbers to call, who she could trust, and other safety measures, as most mothers would.

Emma’s mother hoped that there would never come a day where her daughter would ever actually have to use these skills—but she was wrong.

Emma had to help save her life when she was only 3 years old.

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Catherine, who is from Somerset, England, was home with Emma one day while she was in the late stages of pregnancy.

As she was going about the house doing typical things, Catherine slipped on the stairs and fell down them hard, banging her head in the process. Emma found her mother unconscious.

Rather than start crying as many children likely would have, she remembered what her mother had taught her and quickly sprang into action.

When Catherine fell downstairs while pregnant, Emma called paramedics.

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Emma remembered the phone numbers that her mother had taught her to call if something went wrong and dialed 999 (the UK’s equivalent of 911). An emergency dispatcher promptly answered.

“Mummy fall down a stairs,” Emma can be heard saying in the released audio of the call. “And she got a baby.”

Unaware that she was talking to such a young child, the responder, Sarah Morris, began asking for more information about the situation.

“Tell mummy to stay very still and the ambulance is coming,” Morris had said. “You are such a clever girl.”

“Talk to mummy and tell her everything is okay.”

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Thanks to Emma’s call for help, the ambulance managed to arrive quickly and save both Catherine and her unborn child. Seven weeks later, Catherine gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Looking back at the emergency call, responder Sarah Morris commended Emma for her quick thinking and ability to explain what had happened so clearly. 

“When I first spoke to the little girl, I knew that she was young, but was amazed to discover that she was only three,” Morris said to the Independent. “The amount of detail she was able to provide was incredible; she answered every question I put to her more calmly than most adults under similar circumstances.”

Due to her quick thinking, Emma was awarded with a certificate for her bravery, which was given to her in a small ceremony, with Morris and the ambulance members who saved her mother and unborn little brother. Without her contribution, this story could very well have had a tragic ending.

Emma has been hailed a hero.

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As for Catherine, she’s so proud that her daughter took note of all the things she taught her about emergency situations. She hopes that her daughter’s actions will encourage other parents to teach their children basic safety information, no matter how young they are.

“I do not recall a great deal about the incident, but by all accounts Emma was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable and calm,” Catherine shared in a Telegraph article. “I think this highlights how important it is to teach your child how to call 999 because they are never too young to put what they’ve learnt into practice.”

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