Dentist offers to fix abuse victim’s teeth free of charge, her reaction is incredible

October 25, 2017 1:48 am Last Updated: October 25, 2017 1:52 am

A dentist from Marshall, Texas, recently recorded on video what he considers to be the most heartwarming moment in all seven years of his career. The video featured 28-year-old Kyleigha Scott, who was getting a wisdom tooth pulled at Marshall Family Dental—when Dr. Kenny Wilstead asked about her broken front tooth.

She explained that her abusive ex-boyfriend had head-butted her while she was laying in bed. The tooth had been broken for two years at this point, and Scott had already tried to get it fixed once before. Yet the previous dentist was unable to fix her tooth.

She told Wilstead that she couldn’t afford to get it fixed right away and was going to wait until she received her tax return.

Kyleigha Scott eagerly waiting to see what her teeth look like (Facebook Screenshot)

Wilstead retorted with, “Hell no! We’re gonna fix that tooth right now, free of charge!”

And he did. In only about ten minutes, he was able to fix Scott’s tooth—good as new.

When he handed Scott a mirror, she was overcome with joy, laughing in amazement. The dentist shared Scott’s touching reaction on Facebook in two separate videos.

“A moment I will cherish forever. Both videos are love,” Wilstead wrote on Facebook.

“Whenever I look at people’s smile, I envision what it should look like and could look like. I took out her wisdom tooth pretty quick. She was brand new. I didn’t know her before that,” said Wilstead to Chron last Friday.

I suppose it makes sense why Scott’s dental work was free: A healthy smile is invaluable. Now that her teeth have been fixed, Scott can look into a mirror without being reminded of her troublesome past and spend her tax return on whatever she wants.

She’s not the only one smiling though. Learning about this story certainly put a smile on my face, and I know that it will put one on yours as well!

Kyleigha Scott shows off her magnificent new smile (Facebook Screenshot)

[via Chron]