Woman’s cheeky cat goes missing for 3 weeks before it’s discovered 700 miles away from home

It had climbed into the back of a neighbor's van as they were packing up to move away, and hid amongst various boxes and pieces of furniture.
July 7, 2018 5:23 pm Last Updated: July 7, 2018 5:26 pm

Andree Delahaye lives with her grey, tortoise-shell colored tabby cat, Diva. The two are typically inseparable, so you can imagine Delahaye’s despair when the cat went missing for three weeks.

Delahaye and Diva live in the Sherwood Park area in Alberta, Canada. When Diva went missing in June, Delahaye combed the neighborhood looking for her.

Delahaye couldn’t find Diva anywhere.

At first, the kitty caretaker thought Diva might just be roaming the neighborhood. But after attempts to find her came up empty, she grew more concerned.

“One day, she just kind of went missing,” Delahaye said to CBC. “I just got her fixed not that long ago … I was like, ‘OK, finally she can explore.'”

Diva was gone for a total of three weeks before Delahaye would have any clues as to where she might have gone. When the answer finally came, she felt a combination of relief and shock.

“I was looking for her everywhere, I went outside, called her name and I was getting ready to make posters, and then I got a text,” she said.

Diva had stowed away in a neighbor’s moving van.

“I was kind of in shock,” Delahaye said. “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

The mischievous kitten had climbed into the back of a neighbor’s van as they were packing up to move away, and hid amongst various boxes and pieces of furniture.

Diva was in the back of the moving van for approximately 48 hours, and traveled over 700 miles west from home. Despite the unplanned road trip, she was no worse for the wear.

“She was just a little bit thirsty and hungry but she was OK,” Delahaye said. “She’s a pretty tough kitty.”

Diva was able to get a flight back home to Alberta.

Delahaye said Diva had only started exploring outside before she found her way into the back of her neighbors’ moving van.

“She was so happy to be outside and exploring. I guess she wanted to do some further exploring,” Delahaye said via MSN.

The happy cat owner was grateful for all the assistance she received in getting Diva back. With the help of a rescue organization called “Finding Lost and Escaped Cats,” Diva was able to take a flight back home.

Diva returned to Alberta after a whirlwind adventure, met with hugs and kisses. Delahaye said she’ll be keeping a closer eye on the kitty in the future.