What do you see in these pictures? The answers can reveal a lot about your creativity

October 25, 2017 11:39 am Last Updated: October 25, 2017 4:16 pm

Do you see a duck or a rabbit on this image? This is more than just a game because as scientists claim, the faster you can shift between the two figures indicates your level of creativity.

Such visuals challenge our skills in terms of understanding our own levels of perception and force our brains to engage in mental activities. But did you know, that besides the fun that they provide, they also say a lot about your level of creativity? At least according to scientists, who conducted some research on the subject.

But first, ask yourself, do you see a duck or a rabbit … or both? How quickly can you shift mentally between the images?


Researchers used this visual to conduct an experiment. First, they assessed the creativity of the participants by giving them everyday objects and asking them about how many uses they can find for them. Participants were then shown the ambiguous rabbit/duck image, and were asked what they saw: the duck or rabbit or both and if they could switch between seeing the two in their mental imagery.

Researchers concluded that those participants who could flip between the images the quickest were also the ones who scored the most points on the creativity test.

This is a well-known old lady/young lady picture, a similar test:


And here is the “vase or face” illusion:

©Wikimedia Commons | Fibonacci

What do you think? Do you believe that creativity levels can be gauged by merely asking people to appear for these kinds of tests, rendering them overly simplistic? What do you feel is the implication of such research work on organizations attempting to hire the most creative of people? Did you try taking the test yourself? And does it correlate with your perception of how creative you think you are? Please leave your comments below!