This little girl likes zebras so much, she turns her younger sister into one

April 30, 2017 7:35 pm Last Updated: April 30, 2017 7:35 pm

Parents are always wary when their children go quiet. That was certainly the case for Amy Herrmann when she realized she hadn’t heard any noise from her two little girls for a while. Upon investigation, she found her eldest had been busy turning her little sister into a zebra—with a permanent marker pen.


Amy, an artist and photographer from Adelaide, Australia, has shared a short video of the moment she confronted three-year-old, Sovereign, and 18-month-old, Pippen, along with the caption: “Ohhhhhhh k. I knew they seemed too quiet…”

In the Facebook clip, Sovereign seems surprised when she is asked by her mum, “What is this?” Nonplussed, the little girl replies: “A zebra.”

“That really is silly,” Amy tells her, as her Sovereign smiles angelically and says, “But I love zebras.”


“But your sister doesn’t need to be a zebra, babe,” her mum explains.

“But I love being zebras,” her daughter replies with a final defiant look to the camera.

“We’re a fairly creative bunch. We do lots of drawing and painting. I often paint their faces as their favourite animal, although we don’t usually use a permanent marker!”