Rare twins born holding hands now share an incredible, lifelong bond

April 24, 2017 11:24 am Last Updated: April 24, 2017 11:24 am

A would-be mother was diagnosed with a rare risky pregnancy, in which her twins only had a 50 percent chance of survival. But how these unborn twins supported each other in their mother’s womb is truly amazing.

Sarah Thistlethwaite and Bill from Orrville, Ohio, were expecting rare “mono-mono” twins, and they were fully aware of the risk involved in their birth.

In mono-mono twins the unborn babies share the same amniotic sac, and during development the umblical cords of the babies might strangle each other — wherein the babies have a 50 percent chance of survival.

But it turned out as if it was predestined that the two adorable babies would be born safely, surprising their parents and all the doctors at each step of their development, and even during delivery. This is their incredible story!

Credits: Sarah Thistlethwaite

Sarah, a mathematics teacher, after having come to know about the risk of her pregnancy, had to be very careful and monitor the health of the babies in the womb.

As soon as she completed her sixth month, the doctors admitted her to the hospital.

Credits: Sarah Thistlethwaite

Dr. Mancuso, who was looked after the mother and twins throughout their journey, is the director of the fetal treatment center at Akron Children’s Hospital.

“It’s the rarest form of twinning and it carries the most risk, which was due to sharing the same amniotic sac. Their umbilical cords can become tangled as they’re growing and moving, which can cut off blood supply to one or both twins,” Dr. Mancuso told PEOPLE.

Hence, the twins survival was questionable.

During the next 57 days at the hospital, the babies’ umbilical cords and heart rates were monitored until the time of delivery. Finally, the doctors performed a Cesarean section and the twins were born – just a few days before Mother’s Day in 2014.

Credits: Sarah Thistlethwaite

“Everything went perfectly,” Sarah said. “It was the most amazing and beautiful moment.”

During the entire process, there were many emotional struggles that the parents went through, along with their one-year-old son Jaxson.

Credits: Sarah Thistlethwaite

These twins have a special bond that started long before the actual birth; now they are two-year-old and are the best friends more like best friends forever!

The parents shared that if they are separated for a while, like if their father takes one of them shopping and the other stays at home with the mother, each one is worried about the other. Not only this, but when one of the twins is upset, the other pats her on the back to comfort her.

After two years, Jillian seems to be becoming a daredevil, while Jenna is more cautious and careful. Both of them like the same foods, same toys, and love going out and swimming together.

Credits: Sarah Thistlethwaite
It will be interesting for these parents to watch the relationship bloom between their twins as they grow up and face life. These little souls have taught the world and amazing lesson of unconditional love and support!