The football game was about to start. Suddenly the team throws ‘something’ at cheerleader’s feet

October 25, 2017 11:00 am Last Updated: October 25, 2017 3:55 pm

This high school football team paid tribute and gave support to one of their own, a senior cheerleader, in her hour of need. When the players walked onto the field at the start of Friday night’s game, one by one, they each laid an orange rose at her feet.

With a pile of 58 orange roses on the ground in front of her, Ashley Adamietz, cheerleader for the Foothill Cougars, was left speechless and overwhelmed. Orange is designated to be the color of support for leukemia awareness.

In August, Ashley was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, yet, she never expected the gesture of solidarity from the boys ahead of one of their games. It was senior football player Ryan Caetano’s idea and he got the rest of the team to join in.

“She’s part of the Cougar family,” Ryan said, “so why not let her know that we’re all here for her. We are. So I wanted to let that be known to everybody, and especially to her, for what she’s going through.”

“Shocked, overwhelmed, and speechless,” that’s how Adamietz described her feelings after the surprise from her teammates.

Ashley has had to undergo daily chemotherapy treatments ever since her diagnosis, and continues to receive treatment.

She has declined interviews, though her coach has expressed her gratitude to the players on her behalf. Head coach Joey Brown said, “We took care of family business before we took care of business on the field.”

This touching video went viral in just a few days:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Evan Schreiber – Tucson News Now.